At Teadora, we offer all natural and organic body and hair care products of shampoo, conditioner, lip butter and more made with novel rainforest ingredients. Teadora Beauty, beauty, natural, organic, shampoos, conditioner, hair care, lip balm, lip butter, skin cream, body polish, soap, body care, anti-aging, cream, perfumes, fragrances, cosmetics, skin rehydration, chemical free, Bellevue, Seattle, WA



In Portuguese, “Teadora” means “adores you.” At Teadora, we show our love for the world and for you with natural and organic products made with novel rainforest ingredients. Learn more…

What is Sensory

What is Sensory<br/>Beauty?

It’s an immersion of all your senses. When fully experienced, it evokes a vibrant inner and outer celebration of you. At Teadora, we believe our products can transport you to the mystical moments of the rainforest. Learn more…

for You

Better<br/>for You

100% vegan, never tested on animals, our products have no parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicone, gluten, phthalate, sulfates, or other harsh chemicals—so you can feel good inside and out. Learn more…

Teadora loves

Teadora loves <br/>HAUTELOOK

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Teadora Beauty

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