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Try an Açaí Bowl Superfruit Smoothie - While in Rio

by Valeria Cole |

Açaí bowls have always been the favorite Carioca smoothie. They are blended frozen with your favorite fruit and once it is made, you can add your favorite toppings. 
My favorite bowl is Açaí blended with Strawberry, sliced Banana and Granola on top of it. Hmm... yummy! 
These delicious Açaí bowls are a great substitute for ice cream due to the variety of nutrients and also the high calories which can give you a lot of energy. Knowing this, they are commonly consumed prior to working out or surfing. In Hawaii, for example, an Açaí kiosk got very famous after a surf competition, when many surfers went to try one of the hottest ingredients from Brazil. 
While in Rio, you can find snack bars and kiosks specializing in Açaí smoothies, juices and bowls at almost every corner. Specially at the beach during the summer, Cariocas always love to cool off with a thick and frosty Açaí bowl! 
With its high content of antioxidants and vitamins it provides great health benefits aside from being refreshing and tasty. They are inexpensive and super easy to find everywhere in Rio. To all of you who have not tried... I call Açaí "an indecent" proposal that is impossible to refuse - you have try it while in Rio. My favorite spot for Açaí and other fresh tropical fruits juices is: Bibi Sucos (they are located throughout the "Zona Sul" of Rio, and I particularly like the ones located at Jardim Botânico, Ipanema & Niter).

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