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3 Primary Reasons you Should Choose Sulfate-Free Skin & Hair Care

Posted by Valeria Cole

At Teadora, we are committed to Sulfate-Free Products. So we wanted to share some of the reasons why Sulfates are not good for you, so you can understand why we are committed to products that are formulated sulfate-free.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a chemical lathering agent that has come under scrutiny for safety and potential toxicity issues. It is found in a large amount of the products we use every day for personal hygiene and body care. Among them are toothpaste, shampoo, lotions, soap, liquid body facial cleansers and more.

Sodium lauryl sulfate did not start off as a detergent that was meant for use in consumer products. It was initially sold as an industrial strength detergent primarily used for heavy duty cleaners and degreasers. It is now found in products which are in close and frequent contact with human skin. 

The reason it is used in so many products today is that consumers have come to expect abundant lather in products that are supposed to cleanse in some way. It is one of the most largely manufactured chemicals in the United States since many companies use it as a cheap lathering agent.

SLS Irritates Skin and Compromises Natural Moisture Balance - SLS strips the hair and skin of moisture because of its strong detergent properties. You can actually get your skin, mouth and hair just as clean using gentler, more skin and membrane-friendly substances. There are several fatty acids that work to cleanse the skin without disrupting the delicate acid mantle that protects it from outside elements and toxins. 

Sodium lauryl sulfate has been identified as one of the primary skin irritants that are used in body care products today. It has the ability to easily penetrate the dermal layers and enter the blood stream. The caustic lathering agent easily destroys the lipid layers that keep the skin smooth and supple.

SLS Allows Toxins to Penetrate and is a Toxin Itself - It is often used as an absorbing agent to allow other ingredients like vitamins, moisturizers and minerals to be more easily deposited below the skin's surface. However, most soaps, shampoos and moisturizers that contain SLS also contain a host of chemicals.

 This is another huge cause for concern since this is typically what is more likely to breach the protective layers of the skin. When you use products with both SLS and other chemical toxins and preservatives, you are inviting these other toxins to more easily penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream.

 SLS has shown up in the tissues of the brain, liver, heart and other vital organs. This strongly suggests it is retained long term in several bodily tissues.

 SLS Irritates and Erodes Eyes, Gums and Hair Follicles - The chemical is not allowed as an ingredient in baby shampoo because of its irritating qualities to the eyes and other sensitive membranes. Prolonged exposure can cause blurred vision and burning. It has even been linked to blindness in a few cases.

 Studies have shown that SLS can cause gum irritation as well. The majority of commercially available toothpastes contain it as a foaming agent. Those that suffer from major gum disease or irritation have been shown to recover at a much faster pace when discontinuing the use of SLS in their oral care products.

 It has been implicated in hair loss as well since it can irritate and possibly damage the hair follicles. When used in shampoos, it can dry out the hair shaft and dull the hair by taking away its natural luster.

 Avoiding products with this volatile lathering agent is getting easier. There are now soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, and other personal care products that offer healthier and more skin-friendly SLS free options.

Now you can probably better understand why at Teadora, we are committed to Sulfate-free cleansing. There are many ingredients that are able to provide the same level of suds that we have come to expect from non sulfate-free cleansing products and in fact, if you use our products you have probably already noticed that we do not have a problem creating SLS-free suds. :)

Our toning and exfoliating bars are not only SLS free, but they are also made from an organic base. On top of that we use superfruit oils and butters that are highly moisturizing to the skin and contain natural anti-aging properties due to their high anti-oxidant and vitamin content. And as described earlier in the blog, they also have natural detergent properties from their high fatty-acid content which also means they are non-comedogenic to the skin. Our Shampoo & Conditioner are also Sulfate-Free!

Thanks to Natural News & Donna Norek for the highly informative article we shared with you here.

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