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Starry Nights

by Thomas Moran |

Recently, we helped sponsor some friends (Tristan and Declan) to explore some of the deepest, most remote areas of the Amazon and film a documentary called Uncharted Amazon.  They are there now, and in between lost cameras, sinking boats, and  subdermal flies using them as hosts, they have encountered some of the most amazing and inspiring landscapes possible in this most precious of world treasures.

I have posted a few different pictures from their travels – you have seen some amazing shots of frogs, snakes, trees, and anteaters, along with misty landscapes and lightning.  One picture from a time-lapse series of a starry night sky in the Amazon struck me and I thought I would share a short poem inspired by that amazing photograph.  You can learn more about Uncharted Amazon by following on Facebook at

Next Stop

Amazing is an easy word to say when

Mentioning such wonder of life and

Abundance of species not at all to be found in city

Zoos or suburban parks which we have grown to let inspire

Our dreams of the world and what shapes and what functions they

Need conform to.


Only when we let go and travel down that river will we

Really start to paint those dreams in colors yet named.


Because there is more than just roof tops, iPads, and parking lots

Under that great-great cover of blue

Sky we like

To call home.


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