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Saving the Rainforests, Follow me on a journey through remote areas of Brazil to kick off Teadora's Earth for you. You for Earth! Movement

by Thomas Moran |

Teadora is committed to creating great value for customers.  That is something that shows in the care taken with every product created.  But value isn’t just in the end product.  Teadora was founded on the premise that it is possible to be successful creating unique products while treating people and the earth with integrity and respect.  Before the first product was sold, we needed to ensure that we had a responsible sourcing strategy that recognized sustainability as a key principle – and in our view sustainability of resources is impossible without sustainability of the local communities in those environments – they go hand in hand.  We look for those same values in the partners we choose to do business with, and one of those is Beraca, a key supplier and partner in Brazil.  This week I have the distinct pleasure to accompany Thiago Terada, Beraca’s Director of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, on a trip to some very remote areas to meet these local communities and learn more about them.  I would like to take you on this journey with me. Stay tuned for my daily posts.

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