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Favorite Female Entrepreneurs: Meet Rochelle Langere, Founder of Pearlesque Box

by Aidan Moran |  | 1 comment

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about where you are from and your background?
My name is Rochelle Langere and I am the founder of Pearlesque Box, an all natural skincare subscription box for the bona-fide skincare fanatic. I grew up in a blue collar town of Dearborn, Michigan with an amazing family of my two brothers, mother and father. From an early age I was a dreamer, believer and very ambitious. I started training in ballet, jazz and lyrical dance at 5 years old and through today I believe the discipline has taught me how to strive for something more, being responsible and creating the life you would dream of.  After graduating from the University of Michigan I left my hometown to pursue a career in Los Angeles, where for 8 years I worked in PR, Advertising and Media. This past year I decided it was time to pursue my passion of skincare, specifically natural skincare and I wanted to educate consumers on the dangers of toxins that are in 99% of products. Pearlesque was then born just a few months later….
What inspired Pearlesque? 
Unbeknownst to me, Pearlesque Box has been a lifetime in the making. At an early age I was diagnosed with Psoriasis where I had to take great measures to treat my condition, including exposure to sunlight, ointments, creams, laser treatments, coal tar (gross), steroid name it. Since there is no cure for psoriasis, I knew it was a lifelong struggle ahead. It wasn’t too long that I discovered that many skincare products on the market severely affected my skin, causing increased red patches on my body. At that time natural products were not prevelant in the US. I then started creating my own products using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, etc, which helped my psoriasis. 
In my 20’s I started traveling to various countries and discovered that those countries have been using natural ingredients for their skin from the beginning of time. The question I had was “Why are natural skincare products not prevalent in the US?” With so many big conglomerate beauty brands that had the majority share in the beauty industry I wanted to make a change. A change in the industry and also the mindset of the American consumer. That’s when it struck me….”I want to start a subscription box where consumers can discover natural skincare products from around the world!” Combining my passion of skincare and traveling is what I had to do! 
The name “Pearlesque” came from the notion that a ‘Pearl’ is a natural object from the sea, and adding the ‘esque’ was to resemble the natural element of a Pearl. 
Subscription boxes, there are so many nowadays, what makes Pearlesque different?

Pearlesque Box brings the consumer all natural skincare products from around the world. Included in each monthly box are Full Size skincare products, from one brand around the world. We emphasize the importance of using non-toxic products and also educate viewers on our blog. Pearlesque Box is not only a monthly subscription box but also a platform to educate consumers on the dangers of toxic ingredients found in 99% of beauty products in the US. Unlike all other beauty subscription boxes we do not throw various samples into a box from various brands. It is important to use products from the same brand to see how they interact on your skin.

How do you envision the future for Pearlesque?
We have a lot of exciting additions going into 2016, including the launch of a e-commerce shop on the website, as well as an Ingredient Intel section housed on the site where we dive deep into skincare products’ ingredients and what it does for the skin.
The goal is to create valuable content that educates consumers on the website so that we, as Americans, change the way we think about beauty, and specifically products. In America we are hounded by mass media campaigns from the conglomerate beauty companies relaying a message that in order for you to look a certain way, you must have a specific product. Just as the food industry is currently in chaos over GMO foods and the dangers of pesticides found in the majority of food products, I would like to bring the same awareness to the beauty industry and the dangers of toxic ingredients and the detrimental dangers of what consumers are placing on the largest organ of their body, their skin.
As a woman entrepreneur, what is your advice for other women who want to start their own business?

First, you have to want it, and you must be willing to work harder than your competitors or anyone else in the industry. Be resilient and never give up on your dreams. At the same time you have to do your research and ensure your product or service is solving a problem in the market. Having a great idea is one thing, but executing is another and takes time. Never give up…..

What is your biggest learning thus far? Biggest obstacle? Greatest success?
Since my background is in PR and Advertising, I initially had thought getting exposure and press would not be too difficult. Boy was I wrong. Building relationships with media outlets is not an easy task and takes time and a lot of energy. But again, I never give up.
On the same note and due to my resilience, Pearlesque Box was selected to be part of a segment for a TV show, The Fab Life (hosts Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen). The focus is on women entrepreneurship and Pearlesque Box will be discussed on a panel with Mark Cuban. This was a huge success with breaking through the media barriers.
I would have to say that receiving emails from the subscribers letting me know how happy they are with their products, packaging and the monthly subscription overall are hands down the best moments.
Whats your motto?

You have to believe in yourself because only you can make it happen!

Who/what inspires you?
I would say the people that inspire me are my family and (soon to be) husband. Because of where I grew up my parents have always inspired me to aim high, work hard and never give up. My husband is also an entrepreneur and to watch his successes makes my heart happy and also inspires me to work hard.
I’ve always had a good work ethic and have always had aimed to achieve my dreams, and this is just the beginning.
Whats your favorite food?

Can I only choose one? Haha… I am Polish so I would have to go with Potato Pierogis.

What’s your favorite juice recipe?

Apple, Kale, Carrots, Lemon, Tumeric, Ginger, Cucumber

Whats your favorite beauty product and why?

I can’t exactly call out a specific brand, but I would say the most important product for me is moisturizer/hyaluronic acid. It’s extremely important to keep your skin hydrated or the signs of aging with appear quickly, and to have a hydrated glowing face is always better than covering up beauty with makeup.

 Teadora products were featured in the December Pearlesque Box which you can still get here.

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    Has any of these creams helped your psoriasis?The conglomerates are going to kick your ass lol.Hey it’s your uncle.Sid you get my wedding gift?I had to screw with you

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