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Monique Telles

Love in the eyes of the Girl from Rio de Janeiro

Posted by Monique Telles

First inspired by the typical Portuguese street celebrations during the 19th century, Carnaval in the city of Rio de Janeiro has become one of the most famous and exciting festivals in the world.

What made Carnaval in Rio became so special and unique, was it's authenticity in the mixture of cultures such African, European and Brazilian natives represented in the people's costumes.   

A typical born & raised local from Rio - better known as "Carioca" - like me - would say, it is impossible to come to Rio and not get to know anything about Carnaval. Even worst, would be visit the City during the festival's months of February or March and not enjoy an enthusiastic samba and dress up as creatively as possible - trust me, we, Cariocas can put all our efforts into making a costume as entertaining & fun at it can possibly be. 

But "Carnaval" is not only made of samba, dance and costumes. One of the main reasons everyone leaves their houses for the official four days of celebration - it actually take a whole week of festivities to celebrate friendship and LOVE. Yes, it's all about love.  

During "Carnaval" celebrations, we Cariocas are looking for someone to share those incredible moments with and to spread happiness, joy, enthusiasm and breathtaking moments at one of the most stunning cities in the world. 

You should come visit during the special celebrations that happen always 40 days before Ash Wednesday.













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