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Landscapes of Rio Corcovado - Jardim Botanico

Posted by Valeria Cole

In the heart of Rio City, the Jardim Botânico (Botanical Garden) was created by the Royal family in XIX century for the regent Prince in order to cultivate and preserve plant species from all parts of the world. 

Currently, the Institute of Botanical Garden Research is under the Environmental Ministry of Brazil and is recognized as one of the world's most important conservation research centers for botany and biodiversity

Besides its importance for research and environmental preservation, the Jardim Botânico is one of the best places to visit in Rio. In the Garden, it is possible to walk around the flower paths, drink water from the natural fountains, do tracking, observe the lilypads lagoon, sit at the benches to behold the Christ the Redeemer Statue up on the Corcovado Hill, and learn about the various plants such as orchids, bromeliad, cactus, Amazon Rainforest trees and many others native trees from Asia, Africa, Eupore and Americas Continents. There is also the Environmental Museum, the Archaeological Site and the Cultural Tom Jobim (dedicated to the Brazilian composer and choirmaster Antonio Carlos Jorbim who expressed his love for the Garden by his texts and songs) open to visitation.   

Its fifty four hectares of beauty have been preserved and contemplated for over two hundred years, with nine thousand plants species representing the Brazilian ecosystems and other countries with remaining areas from the Atlantic Forest. Full of peace, the place is perfect for those who want to get out of the busy city to relax. The only noise you can hear at this Botanical Garden is the native birds singing to a background of waterfalls. I highly recommend having a breakfast at their French cafe, it is such a nice way to start the day. 






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