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A Heroic Beauty Routine

by Fallon Alvarez |

With so many different products and companies on the market for skincare it can be easy to get lost among the options. So, how do you choose what products to bring into your life when there is so much to sort through? At Teadora we believe in giving back, every step of the way. Check out our recommendations for how to blend a great beauty routine with a heroic impact in the world!

Check for Sustainable Sourcing

From the time a product is created to when it arrives at your door, there are many steps along the way. When a product is sustainably produced, it means that it is not creating an un-addressed deficit once made. This means that the environmental and social cost of product materials are weighed against the cost to the ecosystem or local communities. Think about the packaging your product arrives in, will it be recyclable or compostable?

Choose a company, not just a product

Everyone is concerned about their bottom line, but look for organizations that offset their impact. Companies that are conscious of their impact may also be activists, so look for ones that are affiliated with non-profits or other projects to preserve the earth. You may also want to consider how an organization treats its employees and see if it has won any awards or is a certified B-corp.

Assess your impact

For many consumers, online shopping is the best option and there are few ways to offset the cost of shipping and travel. One way to reduce environmental impact is to avoid products and ingredients that are harmful to the planet and its critters. Look for Leaping Bunny, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, 1% for the Planet, Certified B-Corp, or similar certifications that indicate a commitment to reducing impact. Avoid products that contain ingredients like palm oil and white sage, as these often come from over-harvested or endangered areas.

Company Engagement

Are they open to hearing your feedback about a product? Companies that open the door to consumer feedback are concerned about user experience. You may find that these companies are more willing to work with you if something goes wrong or something unexpected happens. Remember, your experience with a company is important too! And as always, shop local! Organizations often partner with nearby small businesses and you’re more likely to find similar products that you love from these partnerships!

We hope that these considerations will help you sift through all of the interesting products and companies out there. Using these guidelines you’re sure to find a company who offers products that you love, that loves you, and loves the planet in return!

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