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Açaí, The Beauty Berry - The Well-Known and Loved Brazilian Superfruit

by Valeria Cole |

Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) has maintained its trendy status for some time now. With açaí bowls, dark chocolates, and skincare products, açaí has become common place in the lives of most. This miracle ingredient has earned its superfood status due to its many health and skin benefits, and we are proud to utilize açaí in many of our products!


But what exactly is Açaí, and why is it one of today’s hottest ingredients? At Teadora, we have always loved açaí for its incredible nutritional properties and its ability to support internal and external health and beauty. We also care deeply for açaí because it’s plentiful in the lush rainforests of Brazil. Açai is also highly sustainable superfruit!


So, where does Açaí actually come from? Açaí berries grow abundantly at the tops of açaí palms (fun fact: this is also where ‘heart of palm’ comes from). Açaí palms are beautiful, ornamental trees that flourish on Amazonian river banks. Their bright red flowers stand out in the dense green jungle, and the palms themselves can be 80 or more feet high. Brazilian locals climb the Açaí palms, extract the heart of palm and açaí berries and use the fruit to make juice, wine, and dietary supplements.


Native Brazilians have been using açaí berries as a food source for centuries due to its amazing nutritional composition. Some say açaí is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world, and many experts agree that the fruit has greater health benefits than cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries.


Not only are açaí berries incredibly nutritious, they are absolutely delicious. The reddish-purple fruit is tart and tastes a bit like dark chocolate, and it’s loaded with antioxidants. Açaí deserves every bit of popularity it has received, because it simply is amazing. Some even claim the fruit is energizing, healing, and metabolism-boosting.


Açaí is also an amazing skincare superfood. Originating from a native word that means “fruit that cries,” açaí is oozing with moisture. This is much of the reason the fruit has become so popular in skincare. Açaí is also a natural source of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which helps to regenerate skin. The oil we extracted from the fruit also contains essential fatty acids, phytosterols (natural plant cells) and minerals. These incredible benefits work together to enhance hydration, regenerate skin cells, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Açaí is also a wonderful hair care ingredient, especially in shampoos and conditioners. Açaí in haircare helps to hydrate and add shine, and the vitamin C and omega fatty acids strengthen the hair and prevent split ends.


You can find açaí in the following Teadora products:

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