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All About Buriti Oil

by Valeria Cole |

Buriti, which is scientifically known as Mauritia flexuosa, is an Amazonian palm tree that produces a fruit that contains an oil that has been used for thousands of years to add moisture and shine to hair and fight aging of the skin. The Brazilians know the buriti tree as the “Tree of Life” since its oil is a natural fountain of youth for skin and hair.

buriti ingredient information and benefits

What is Buriti Oil?

Buriti oil is extracted from the fruit of its tree, then ground and cold pressed so that it preserves its valuable nutrients. Although carrots are known for their beta-carotene content, buriti oil is actually the richest source of this carotenoid, which causes its orange-red color.

Benefits of Buriti Oil

buriti oil in bottle with buriti fruit and green leaves

Buriti oil is just as beneficial for your hair! Brazilian natives have used the oil to moisturize and promote shiny hair for centuries, and it’s been proven to be the most effective treatment for glossier, healthier hair. Its vitamins help protect the hair from the damage caused by UV rays as well, so it’s great to use during the summertime or for vacationing in sunny climates.

Ways to Use Buriti Oil

Beyond moisturizing and protecting, buriti oil has a variety of applications for hair and skin care, such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties treat rashes, irritation, redness and sensitive skin

  • Photo-protective properties prevent sun damage from UV rays

  • Enhances the youthful appearance of skin, natural anti-aging elixir

  • Rich moisturizer for the skin

  • Keeps skin cells healthy for longer

  • Excellent at hydrating and conditioning hair

  • Protects hair from heat styling (blow drying, curling, straightening)

  • Helps prevent split ends

  • Adds gloss and shine when spread through hair (controls frizz)

  • Detangles coarse and curly hair very well

Buriti fruit was the inspiration behind the Teadora logo. It is a gorgeous rainforest superfruit. Buriti oil is a key ingredient in in all of our products as it is one of the ingredients in all three of our proprietary Rainforest elixirs. The oil is used in our sulfate-free, professional salon quality and vegan shampoo and conditioner, as well as our Anti-Pollution Facial Mist, which is an excellent make-up primer and skin protector and hydrator. It also provides instant illumination for a glow boost and is an excellent fine line reduction toner with its 12 active ingredients.

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( Original post from May 14, 2018)

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