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All About Copaíba Essential Oil | Sensitive Skin

Posted by Valeria Cole

Among those wonderful Amazonian oils that benefit skin is copaíba, an oil that comes from the resin of the copaifera reticulata tree which grows in Brazil and other South American countries. Unlike many of the other oils and butters we’ve been featuring lately, copaíba oil doesn’t come from a seed or nut but rather from the lifeblood (sap) of a tree. It has wonderful anti-inflammatory and acne-fighting properties, making it a particularly beneficial addition to your skincare routine.copaiba oil in glass beaker with white background

Visual Properties: Honey-toned, yellow-brown
Flavor: Woodsy, slightly bitter, pungent flavor and aroma
Origin: Copaifera reticulata leguminous trees in Central and South America
Location: South America
Uses: Traditional medicine, insect repellant, soaps, artist material, biodiesel, essential oil (diffused or topical application)


Copaíba oil is also very significant to the Amazon region because it makes up around 95 percent of Brazil’s production of oil-resin. Annual production is estimated to be approximately 500 tons. It’s produced by distilling the gum resin from the copaifera reticulata tree to generate a steam, which settles into this luxurious oil. A single copaifera reticulata tree can grow up to 100 feet and produce as much as 12 gallons of copaíba oil each season. It is extremely important for the resin to be collected in sustainable fashion in order not to destroy the trunk which not only prevents future tapping, but also poses a threat to the species over time.

Benefits of Copaíba Oil

As a longtime traditional medicine in South America and particularly Brazil, the benefits of copaíba resin oil are numerous. From treating skin conditions to improving the health and natural beauty of your skin, this oil is one to consider adding to your skincare routine. Copaíba oil is well known for its healing effects thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, making it a wonderful treatment for infection, skin conditions, and muscular/skin pain relief. It’s actually considered to be one of the most anti-inflammatory substances on Earth!

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copaiba ingredient information and benefits for skin

Copaíba Oil Benefits for Skin

In addition to its acne-preventing and blemish-treating properties, copaíba oil is packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals that benefit your skin. Some of the most notable benefits of using copaíba oil on your skin include:

  • Neutral emollient that retains moisture within the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory thanks to richness of the compound beta-caryophyllene, which is the same active found in CBD oil
  • Contains natural acne-fighting properties
  • Infuses the skin with powerful nutrients and compounds to help reduce the appearance of acne, scarring, stretch marks and other blemishes
  • Astringent properties help tighten the skin and muscles and prevent the appearance of wrinkles
  • Lightweight carrier oil that’s perfect for a natural beard oil

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Medicinal & Dietary Benefits of Copaíba Oil

copaiba oil in amber dropper bottleCopaíba oil has other benefits, and has traditionally been used for a variety of dietary and medicinal purposes to improve wellbeing and health in other ways:

  • Creates a calming, warm, welcoming ambiance when diffused
  • Helps to lower blood pressure and can help to reduce risk of heart attack or stroke when used in aromatherapy
  • Improves mood, lightens the spirit by helping to balance hormones
  • Known to contain antiseptic, anti-tumor, anti-tetanus and antihemorrhagic properties
  • Know to provide neuroprotective benefits for treating neural disorders
  • Helps to relieve congestion when used in aromatherapy
  • Helps to reduce pain, loosen muscles and soothe headaches and migraines
  • Helps to reduce anxiety and prevent infection (including fungal infections) when taken internally
  • Knows as a natural diuretic to cleanse and detoxify your system and help with incontinence and bedwetting
  • Helps with dental care and oral health by stopping the reproduction of the bacteria known to cause cavities and tooth decay (streptococcus mutans)
  • May help reduce liver tissue damage from commonly used pain medications when taken in a preventative way (i.e. before administering painkillers)
  • Known to help supports healthy immune, digestive, nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems

    Ways to Use Copaíba Oil

    With so many skincare, beauty, dietary and medical benefits, there are lots of ways to use copaíba oil. From preventative care and nurturing better overall wellness, copaíba oil is a powerful ingredient to keep in your bathroom cabinet. Here are a few ideas:

    • Add it to your favorite moisturizer or toner to enhance healthy-looking skin
    • Apply topically to your skin to combat blemishes and redness
    • Use it as part of your acne-fighting skincare routine
    • Apply to flex points after activity to promote an uplifting, cooling experience
    • Diffuse copaíba oil for aromatherapy
    • Add 1-2 drops to water, tea or juice to ingest it for internal benefits (Note: only ingest copaíba oil if it’s 100 percent organic)
    • Dilute it with other oils to create an effective, anti-inflammatory massage oil for post-workout relief
    • Combine a couple of drops with coconut oil when oil pulling to cleanse your mouth and help prevent cavities and tooth decay
    • Blend it with cedarwood, rose, lemon, orange, clary sage, jasmine, vanilla, or ylang ylang oils


    You can get 100% pure copaíba oil to add as a standalone oil for for all the amazing benefits mentioned above or add it to a DIY mask treatment for sensitive, blemish prone skin. Our Red Clay Scrub also contains this beneficial oil and you can select it either our Brazilian Glow Red Clay Sugar Scrub or Brazilian Glow Red Clay Salt Scrub. It is also one of the oils we use in our When-In-Rio, Shimmering Superfruit Oil.


    Love yourself, find your joy, share your passion.

    Cheers, Val


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    • Susan: August 01, 2018

      A few years ago, the dermatologist froze a small mole under my eye. He did his best, but the thing came back and looked awful. It was becoming difficult to cover it up with concealer and appeared as a small red lump. I see my Dr. every six months, so I know this was only a “cosmetic” problem.
      I ordered the Copaiba oil, researched it, decided to try it under my eye. I apply a tiny bit, work it in and use a mineral makeup to keep the oil from migrating and conceal. After a week, I have seen the area go down in size, become flatter and look so much better. I really am amazed and so happy that I’ve seen so much improvement in such a short amount of time.

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