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Be a Carioca

by Valeria Cole |

To be a Carioca, it's more than a way of life, being from Rio is truly a state of mind. We might have typical habits, but what make us unique is that we don't follow them every time.

To be a Carioca is to be free. We can go at the same time to the same spot at the beach, meet the same friends, taking our special bags full of beach essentials - like comb, conditioner, sunscreen, stylish beach towel - or just not. Sometimes we go straight after work just to enjoy the sunset, at times we go barefoot just to have a coconut water and check the waves or other times we can spend the whole day from breakfast until a seafood lunch at the beach. Being a Carioca is having time to go to the beach but not necessarily a time to leave - and wherever we go, we still feel like locals. 

To be a Carioca is to be spontaneous, natural. We can go out in our thongs, with wet hair - I personally always do it, just because I love the freshness feeling - or we can go to this place extremely well dressed, in heels and full make-up. It just depends how we feel at that moment. There are no rules to be followed. We change our atitudes or our thoughts according to the situation. 

To be a Carioca is to make friends everywhere, to talk openly to anyone or sometimes - I have to admit - just talk to much. When meeting a Carioca, it's common to get invited to our house or to go out, although once it comes, we might get surprised, we probably forgot that this conversation happened or we just didn't think about it again. But don't worry, we're very welcoming and we will stick to our word. 

To be a Carioca is to have a desirable routine. It is to go everywhere by bike or skateboard or just be stuck in traffic with the best view, or even to surf whenever we have even an extra hour or two available. During the week, everyone makes their schedule, but it can be changed easily. We are very flexible, we can change our minds If a friend calls inviting us to do something, which most of times is very different from what we were planning. We can get energetic to have a samba happy hour with the nicest tropical drinks or just have a dinner, watch a movie and chill at home. Everything can change everyday, and this is what excites us.  

To be a Carioca is to be fully integrated with nature and health. It can be early in the morning or late at night it is going to be someone running or exercising by the sea or at the many beautiful, green parks. We will always work out - even If against our own will -, and have a special diet containing all kinds of natural shakes, fruits, salads and meats. We are also very vain, at the same time that we don't care how we dress we do care about how we look like at the beach - we always want to be on point. 

To be a Carioca is to have rhythm for everything - not only literally, because most of us naturally do dance very well, but we have flow to take our lives wherever we want to or wherever it take us. It is to deal with all the Rio problems or with our own problems in the best way, keeping our smile in our face and making the next day turn into an even better day.

To be a Carioca is to be the best version of you. Not win everyday, but make jokes of our fails to our friends, is not being a workaholic but be as creative, dedicated and friendly at work as possible. Is to be honest with our own feelings, is to be always around who we love, to laugh and have fun. Is to be prepared for everything, and if not, you can count on the fact that we are still going to have a good time!

To be a Carioca is to live with no rush, with no compromises. Be a Carioca is to be by nature, with friends or alone, busy or at rest. To be a Carioca is to be yourself, do whatever you feel like, with no pressure, is to be light, and free. 

But above of all, be a Carioca is to be proud to be from Rio! 

When I read these insights from Monique, a born and raised Carioca, it reminded me of my trip to Rio, which was one of the first cities I visited without my parents while still a teenager. Rio is a magical place, its beautiful landscape, its amazingly happy, healthy, beautiful people walking down the beach. As a skin and haircare aficionado, one of the first things you notice when in Rio is the beautiful, glowing skin of its people. 

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