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Blemish Control with Pure, Powerful Copaíba Oil

by Valeria Cole |

Acne and blemishes are some of the most common complaints we have about our skin, and there are lots of myths and misconceptions out there about what causes pimples and breakouts.

Nearly 3.2 million Americans suffer from eczema, while acne affects as much as 50 million Americans each year. With so many people affected and the fact that it can occur at any age, acne is probably the most common skincare problem today.

What Causes Acne

woman's chin with acneAcne could be an ongoing problem caused by skin type (such as oily skin), but it’s also a result of environmental conditions and your skin care routine. We all have tiny hair follicles all over our body, and when they become clogged with oils, dead skin cells or dirt - which they inevitably do from time to time, regardless of meticulous care - blemishes develop.

Blemishes can also become infected if they are not treated, resulting in inflammation that irritates the skin and causes redness. Acne can be aggravated by triggering foods - like lots of sugar - hormonal imbalances, and some medications such as androgens or anabolic steroids.  

Myths About How Acne Develops

There are lots of rumors about how acne develops, from how it is caused to why some people have it worse than others. Some of the most common myths include:

  • Only teenagers get acne
  • Poor skin hygiene
  • Acne is contagious
  • Chocolate makes acne worse
  • Oily foods cause acne
  • Makeup can compound the effects of acne
  • Abrasive products and exfoliation treatments can cause acne

While dirt and debris particles from the environment can get into your pores and cause blemishes, oily skin is another culprit and often leads people to think that oil in general causes acne. In fact, there are some natural oils that can be used to treat and prevent blemishes and breakouts, and the anti-inflammatory hero of oils is Copaíba Oil. 

amber bottles of copaiba oil from Teadora


Brazilians have been using this anti-inflammatory oil as a naturopathic medicine and skincare treatment for hundreds of years, for good reason.

Benefits of Copaíba Oil for Acne Treatment & Skincare

Copaíba oil is packed with beta caryophyllene, its most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. The Amazonian resin is also incredibly beneficial for your skin in other ways, both for routine maintenance and treatment:

  • pure copaiba oil by teadoraImproves the health and natural beauty of your skin
  • Its vitamins and minerals help to restore moisture and plumpness to the skin
  • Naturally heals blemishes, inflammation and infections
  • Copaíba is also a rich emollient, helping to retain the skin’s moisture
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes, scarring and stretch marks, as well as fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relaxes, soothes, and tones the skin with regular use
  • Eases tension and muscle discomfort
  • Exotic, piney, spicy calming and soothing scent

Uses for Copaíba Oil

You can use Copaíba oil on its own or mixed into your favorite moisturizer or mask treatment. If you incorporate it into your daily skincare routine, your skin will thank you for the blemish-fighting results. Some of the best uses for copaíba oil in your skincare routine include:

  • Moisturizing primer and/or makeup remover (avoid any direct eye contact)
  • Natural spot treatment for blemishes
  • Protective, anti-aging nighttime treatment
  • Helps to heal Injury, scarring and stretch mark repair treatment
hand dripping oil from glass bottle

Pracaxi is another Amazonian superfood oil that works well along with copaíba oil to prevent and heal blemishes. Thanks to its richness in Vitamin A and E, pracaxi oil also helps to promote collagen production, to heal blemishes more quickly, reduce redness, and prevent discoloration or scarring. It is also one of the most effective anti-aging oils, not only because of its high vitamin content, but also its extremely high natural behenic acid content.

If you want a wonderful anti-blemish treatment that combines the acne-fighting and anti-aging benefits of copaíba and pracaxi, try our Brazilian Dual Superfruit Oil.

Acne-Fighting Skincare Tips

  • Don’t wear clothing that can aggravate eczema or acne, such as wool and tweed
  • Use only natural laundry detergent and softeners, since chemical-based detergents can leave residue that irritates the skin and could cause blemishes
  • Find ways to reduce and minimize your stress and anxiety, and improve your emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Make sure you stay away from dietary items that can increase acne 
  • Make sure you wear an anti-pollution focused product when your skin is exposed to free-radicals (air pollution, etc)

Love yourself, find your joy, share your passion.

Cheers, Val

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