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Andiroba Trees: A Rainforest Giant for Sensitive Skin

by Valeria Cole |

In Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, Andiroba (pronounced: an-jee-ROH-ba) trees are an important part of the local culture and economy. Their seeds, nuts and flowers have long been used for their incredible medicinal properties, and today Andiroba oil is also a source of income for native Amazon groups.

Years ago, the trees were harvested primarily for their lumber, which looks and feels a lot like mahogany and makes sturdy, beautiful furniture. However, so many Andiroba trees were cut down that the species itself was threatened. Today, there is an effort to replenish and preserve the trees throughout Brazil, and it is clear that Andiroba is now more valued for its seeds than its lumber. This successful case of environmental preservation makes Andiroba a beautiful example of rainforest sustainability—while also giving the local people a chance to create ongoing income for their communities.

The towering Andiroba trees grow best in the rich soil that lines the Amazon River, where they drop their large chestnut-like nuts throughout the year. The nuts wash ashore and are collected by locals, leaving the trees intact and free to grow for 150 years or more.

Each Andiroba nut contains several oil-rich seeds. The Amazonian groups harvest these seeds for their oil, which is light yellow and bitter to the taste. Andiroba oil is one of the most popular medicinal oils sold in the Amazon; locals have been using it in several different ways for centuries. The oil has a high concentration of antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties and is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, so it’s very effective for treating wounds, skin diseases and even arthritis. Mixed with water, some people gargle a small amount of the oil to help with sore throats, toothaches and coughs. In addition, locals use the oil as a powerful but odor-free mosquito repellant—which is a must-have in a place where mosquitos are a constant threat, and diseases like malaria and yellow fever are all too common.

Around the globe, refined Andiroba oil is beginning to grow in popularity thanks to its incredible anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. We’re starting to see it added to muscle and joint creams, rash treatments and other skin treatments. It’s also ideal for soaps and bath oils, since it naturally repels bacteria, viruses and fungus and adds long-lasting moisture. And of course makes it fantastic for usage in cosmetics products for people with sensitive skin.

Thanks to its high moisture content, Andiroba is also a fantastic ingredient for sunscreens, skin-renewing moisturizers and baby lotions. At Teadora, it is part of the collection we call: The Icons of the Rainforest, which we consider to be the heart of our products and therefore infused throughout our line. Given our line is focused on being truly anti-aging for your body and hair, it’s especially exciting: Andiroba oil is a natural source of key omega fatty acids, which helps to plump and smooth skin and reduce the appearance of imperfections, including fine lines and blemishes. Andiroba is also believed to help slow down the appearance of age spots, which we all know can make a person look older than they are!

We know you’re going to love how fantastic your skin, lips and hair can feel and look with Andiroba oil—and you can feel great about using one of the Amazon’s most sustainable ingredients. Try it for yourself today! Click here to shop Teadora’s Andiroba infused products.  

 *For those of you with sensitive skin, it is important to note that Teadora uses NO synthetic fragrances. Teadora also uses only organic Andiroba Oil and Extracts sustainably harvested under the strictest guidelines to ensure the highest quality, conservation progress, and local community economic development.    



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