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Brazilian Bum Bum - 3 Tips for Achieving a Great, smooth, firm butt!

by Valeria Cole |

Brazilian Ingredients for a butt-firming, smoothing treatment

Our bum bums are often ignored, but now butt masks are becoming as popular as face masks.

As a Brazilian-heritage brand we have a few things to share on getting that desired Bum Bum (or butt in English), given Brazilian women are often associated with lovely bottoms. 😊 Some of it a result of genetics, no doubt, some of it due to the great care, attention and awesome ingredients they use to care for their buns. Here are a few recommendations for firming, smoothing, and hydrating the newest popular beauty concern: your butt.

1) Give your butt a nice mask to improve elasticity and firmness with Red Kaolin Clay (add  Raw Pracaxi Rejuvenating Oil to help even out stretch marks and skin tone and prevent blemishes)…

2) Keep it smooth with nice scrub. Our Red Clay Salt Scrub detoxifies and exfoliates your skin while smoothing, brightening, firming and infusing it with moisture to reveal naturally glowing skin for your bum. Bonus: it includes our beloved Brazilian Kaolin clay! 

3) Plump and Hydrate with Guarana, which is a primary ingredient in our Wild Superfood Beauty Butter. Our butter is great for face and body, but don’t miss applying a bit on your lovely bottom after your mask and scrub for additional hydration and plumpness.


There are a few weeks of summer left, so go out and flaunt your newly treated assets like a Brazilian would. 😊

Love yourself, find your joy, share your passion.  Cheers, Val


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