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Famous Beaches of Rio - Copacabana

by Valeria Cole |

Copacabana Beach, is best known as the "Princess of the Sea".  The beach became internationally famous for its  perfect white sand, mixed with the blue horizon and glorious sidewalk designed with the shapes of sea waves. Along with its charming kiosks and bike lanes, it also represents the strength represented by the Fortress of Copacabana, which has been the stage for many important historical moments. 

The Copacabana Beach has some of the greatest luxury hotels in the whole City of Rio, such as the Copacabana Palace.  However, what makes the beach even more interesting is that it got world recognized for its popular events, such asThe New Year's Eve celebration.  Last year, this celebration, complete with fireworks, received around 2 million people - yes, impressive! But this is not the only mega event the beach can offer, Copacabana Beach concerts, such as Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, etc. had together over 3,5 million spectators and had its place marked in history! The traditional LGBT Parade is also very well attended and one of the reasons to be proud of this amazing Princess of the Sea.

Besides entertainment events, the beach receives many sports competitions every year as well as soccer volley, swimming and volleyball. With thousands of tourists passing by the boardwalk everyday, the local craftsmen take advantage of the opportunity to show their sand work and other manual art works. 

So we have no doubt when we want some excitement: Copacabana Beach is the spot! Outdoor sports, refreshing swims, typical bakeries for a special breakfast, street markets, concerts, shows, 24/7 kiosks, hotel restaurants, pubs... and for all budgets, tastes and types.  

Make sure to take a walk along Copacabana beach and enjoy everything it has to offer!



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