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Fires in the Brazilian Amazon and Indigenous People

by Valeria Cole |

At TEADORA, we partnered with the Rainforest Foundation US to support our main mission of saving and protecting the land that nourishes us: The Amazon Rainforest. Please find below their most recent blog regarding the critical and alarming situation going on in Brazil to give you an opportunity to learn more, get involved and help us in our fight to stop deforestation. The drone monitoring project as well as the tree replanting projects as two projects that are near and dear to our hearts as you know as these are our long term projects which target the conservation of 75k acres and the replanting of 1 million trees within the next several years. 


"Like you, we are extremely concerned about the news of forest fires that have broken out across the Brazilian Amazon and what this means to the Indigenous Peoples of the rainforest and our partners on the ground.

The estimated 9,000 fires that have raged across the Brazilian Amazon affect not only our partners, the like the Yanomami, Macuxi and Wapichana, but also ordinary Brazilian citizens living far from the fire zones.

Deforestation may be partly to blame as Brazilian scientists say more rainforest has been cleared in Brazil this summer alone than in the last three years combined. Tropical forests like the Amazon play a key role in keeping our planet healthy and help us solve the climate crisis. We all must do whatever we can to put a stop to this emergency.


At Rainforest Foundation US we are in very close contact with our partners on the ground and are supporting them in their efforts to protect their territories. We are also working with a broader coalition of Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon to put a stop to any political motivation behind these fires.

What you can do to help: Support indigenous communities in the Amazon who are protecting their territories from being destroyed and fighting to protect their rights which are under attack. Here are four projects you can support using this donate page:

1) Support Yanomami Environmental Defenders — Yanomami communities in northern Brazil are under attack by a wave of gold miners that have entered their territory and set up illegal mines that contaminate the water and destroy the forest. Every dollar donated will directly support the Yanomami environmental defenders who protect the forest and their right to govern their ancestral lands.

2) Support the Council of Roraima (CIR) to Reforest Degraded Land— CIR represents some 20,000 indigenous Macuxi, Wapichana, Ingarikó, Taurepang, and Patamona peoples. Their homes extend over a 6,500 square mile stretch of rainforest and savannah. The CIR is constantly fighting to protect the rights of the Indigenous People it represents while also carrying out a large-scale reforestation effort on recovered or damaged lands. Replanting trees ensures forests remain humid, which in turn acts as a natural barrier against new forest fires.

3) Support Brazil’s Indigenous People’s Articulation (APIB) to Safeguard Indigenous Rights — APIB is an umbrella organization of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil that advocates and supports the country’s Indigenous communities. At this time when indigenous peoples and human rights are under threat in Brazil, APIB heps ensure the indigenous movement stays strong and effective so they can protect their territories and forests.

4) Support Community Based Forest Monitoring and Protection: Training indigenous forest monitors to analyze satellite data to identify deforestation on their territories, investigate the deforestation at the community level and then take action is an effective way to stop illegal deforestation. Your donation will help expand this work to places it is needed most through our existing network of indigenous partners, including the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon (COICA).

The Rainforest Foundation is committed to making sure that 100% of the donations (exclusive of bank fees and other processing charges by third parties) you make through this donate page reaches these projects.

According to the most recent UN IPCC report, Indigenous Peoples are vital to the protection of the rainforest. Rainforest Foundation US is absolutely committed to supporting the rights of Indigenous communities to protect, monitor, and defend their territories. We will keep you updated on our work with our partners in our effort to stop the spread of existing fires and preventing further outbreaks. On behalf of our partners on the ground, thank you for your support!"

As you know, at TEADORA, every product we sell replants trees and preserves acres as part of the replanting and monitoring projects listed above, but the situation is more critical than ever and if you feel compelled to do more, please click below to donate directly to the partners on the ground.


Click here to read the full article above, track the status and watch videos of the fires.


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