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How Pracaxi & Copaíba Oil Effectively Treat & Prevent Blemishes

by Valeria Cole |

From environmental contaminants to diet-based blemishes or frustrating genetic tendencies, acne is a very real issue for many people, not just teenagers. And while many different brands are out there promoting the acne-fighting abilities of their creams, gels and serums, there are completely natural ingredients out there that can prevent your acne and treat acne scars…

Two of which are some pretty amazing organic oils that are sustainably harvested from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest: Pracaxi and Copaíba. We’ve been talking a bit about these wonderful oils lately, and wanted to narrow in on just why they are so effective as anti-acne treatments.

But before we do, let’s clear the air about acne a little bit…

woman examining blemishes on chinCause of Acne

When the tiny hair follicles of the skin get clogged with oils, dirt, or dead skin cells, bacteria thrives in these closed-off pores. If it remains untreated, the pores can become infected and result in inflammation (that’s why acne often looks red and inflamed, while an early breakout is white-ish). There are many factors that can make acne worse, such as hormonal imbalances, some medications (i.e. anabolic steroids or androgens), some triggering foods (i.e. lots of sugar), and stress.

Myths About Acne

Despite some rumors, acne is not caused by:

  • Poor skin hygiene
  • Cosmetics (although synthetic chemicals can irritate acne and worsen it)
  • Oily foods

Benefits of Pracaxi for Acne Treatment

smiling woman with eyes closed peaceful relaxed pleasantPracaxi is an oil that comes from the seeds of a tree that grows in the Amazonian rainforest, and its anti-acne advantages start with protection; the oil has a high concentration of behenic acid, which creates an invisible barrier on the skin to protect against pollution and dirt. This helps keep things from clogging your pores and therefore prevents some acne from happening. In addition, pracaxi has some other nourishing benefits for skin, which help deal with acne when it appears:

  • Helps to promote the production of new collagen, which more quickly heals blemishes
  • Helps to prevent the formation of scarring or abnormal marks on the skin
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and redness
  • Helps treat acne and other skin conditions thanks to its vitamin content (A and E)

Benefits of Copaíba for Treating Acne

As an effective addition to toner, makeup primer or even topical spot treatment, copaíba oil is one of the most anti-inflammatory substances on Earth and prevents acne and inflammation of the skin. This is because it is extremely rich with the compound beta-caryophyllene. It can be used in a variety of ways to treat and prevent acne, thanks to benefits such as:

  • teadora copaiba and pracaxi oil in glass bottle with dropperApplies natural acne-fighting properties to reduce its development
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling and redness
  • Soothes pain and discomfort caused by acne and other skin conditions
  • Nourishes the skin with beneficial nutrients that help reduce the visibility of acne scars, stretch marks and marks from other blemishes

You can now build your own custom skin care products by mixing the ingredients in our new line, RAW by Teadora. The Brazilian Dual Superfruit Oil included in this new line is made of 50% organic Pracaxi Oil and 50% organic Copaíba oil for ultimate acne-fighting and anti-aging benefits when you add it to your daily regimen.

Love yourself, find your joy, share your passion.

Cheers, Val

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