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How to Make Your Own Natural DIY Face Mask

by Valeria Cole |

All ya need is love! It’s that time of year again, when couples get all cutesy and all of the tables for two are booked at the top romantic eateries around town. But what if you want to stay in with your Bae this Valentine’s Day? Or, what if you’d rather celebrate that amazing gal pal in your life?

We have the perfect Valentine’s or Galentine’s solution: a pampering session for two, starting with a fun DIY mask. Snack on some tasty (but better-for-you) treats, break out the pedicure foot-soaking tub and light your favorite scented candle for some relaxing gal or boo time that you both deserve.

Simple Steps for an All Natural DIY Face Mask

Step 1: Select a base, depending on your skin type or needs

scooping dry red clay into bowl for DIY maskFrom sensitive to acne-prone skin, to fighting the constant battle against aging, our skin can seem to be pretty high maintenance. Brazilian kaolin mineral clays are the ideal base for your DIY natural face mask, due to their wonderful benefits for a variety of skin types:

  • Fight acne and prevent blemishes with a base of Green Kaolin Clay for your DIY face mask for oily skin.
  • Many of us have skin that’s sensitive to some of the more powerful treatment ingredients, and our Kaolin Rose Clay is the perfect base for skin that needs a gentler touch.
  • Combat fine lines, wrinkles and other effects of aging with a base of Kaolin Red Clay, and, when you follow the rest of the steps, you’ll have your own DIY face mask for glowing skin that looks fresh, radiant and youthful. If you don’t have acne-prone or sensitive skin, we recommend choosing the Red Clay for your all natural DIY face mask.

Use a generous spoonful of the clay base that you’ve chosen for your mask, and proceed to step 2.

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Step 2: Add an oil to moisturize, nourish, tone and rejuvenate

dropping oil into dry clay for DIY maskWe’re lucky that many 100% pure oils are becoming easier to find, but it’s important to buy oils that are responsibly harvested and never tested on animals - these features can be harder to verify. We already use some wonderfully powerful Amazonian superfruit oils in our other skincare products, and the RAW line offers two…

The Brazilian Copaiba Superfruit Oil is ideal for blemish-prone skin and the preferred choice for a DIY face mask for blackheads or acne given its high anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, while we recommend our Brazilian Dual Superfruit Oil for other skin types. It’s still 100% pure, but we’ve combined Copaíba oil and Pracaxi oil for a as a powerful anti-inflammatory/anti-aging duo. Pracaxi’s high behenic acid content helps to restore and rejuvenate.

Add 1-2 droppers of your preferred oil to your clay base, and mix the two ingredients together until combined and the clay is a darker, rich color.

coconut mint tonic addition to mask mixtureStep 3: Refresh and rejuvenate skin with a tonic

The lovely thing about these clays and oils is that they treat and condition your skin without drying it out, but it can’t hurt to get add soothing benefits to your mask. This is where the  comes in handy; add a 4-5 droppers to your mask to add an extra boost of moisture , tone and refresh your skin for glowing, youthful results.

Optional Step: The extras…

A pampering and fun get-together is the perfect time to splurge, and your skin deserves some of that extra luxury!

Get some exfoliation power to brighten and revitalize, you can use 100% pure Brazilian Acai Superfruit Scrub which fights free radicals due to its high antioxidant properties or you can also boost the already amazing properties of this mask by packaging it with a few additional all natural household goodies to treat some areas of concern...

Add citrus (pineapple juice for elasticity or lemon juice for Vitamin C), apple cider vinegar (for clarity), avocado (for nourishment), aloe (to soothe and heal), turmeric (to lighten dark spots).

Feel free to mix and match and try your own extras for a DIY all natural face mask! And the fun doesn’t have to stop after Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day… in fact, we recommend a regular mask treatment a couple of times per week for best results.

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Mix Your Mask

red mask mixtureThe last steps are to mix everything together until the mask ingredients are all combined and have a smooth consistency. Then, apply the mask to your face using a brush, avoiding eye contact. Leave your nourishing all natural DIY face mask on for about 10-15 minutes, and then add water and rinse until the dried mixture is all gone to reveal naturally glowing skin. Note: It is perfectly normal to experience redness for up to 30 minutes when you apply a mask (especially if it has an exfoliator agent, the redness will certainly subside after 1 hour max to reveal soft, toned, naturally glowing skin.

Our RAW line of 100% pure products for DIY face mask kits have everything you need to make your own natural face mask at home - for Galentine’s or otherwise!

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Happy Valentine’s and Galentine’s from Teadora!

Love yourself, find your joy, share your passion.

Cheers, Val

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