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Insider Tips from the Teadora Team

by Fallon Alvarez |

At Teadora we are proud to offer high-quality nourishing products to support your overall health. Here are some tips from our staff about how they utilize our superpower ingredients in their beauty routines:

Shayna’s Top Pick

3.04 Oz Multitasking Oil

  • This one is my favorite because there are so many different uses. I mostly like to use this on my face at night, but I also use it all over my body! I might put it in my hair, on my face, or anywhere that gets dry...especially in winter!
  • I really love the smell! Teadora only uses natural fragrances and I think you can tell with this one, it isn't too overpowering.

Fallon’s Top picks

Raw Kaolin Clay Mask, Raw Acai Pulp Scrub, Raw Pracaxi Rejuvenating Oil

  • I have so much to say about this combination...I work with these products every week (seriously) for the perfect facial!
  • I like to mix up some of the Raw Kaolin Rose clay with a little water, just enough to make a spreadable paste. I usually apply it to my face, chest, shoulders, and sometimes a little at the hairline. The rose clay is for sensitive skin and I leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. After that, just rinse it off with warm water and follow it up with the Acai scrub and Pracaxi oil mixed together.
  • The combination of the Pracaxi oil and Acai scrub helps me get any remaining clay out of my pores while sloughing off dead skin and adding moisture back after such a thorough cleansing. Plus the smell of the Raw Acai Scrub is so fresh and unusual that it perks me up every time!

These are only a few ways to use our products, but we’ve got to admit – they’re some of our favorites. We hope these insider tips can inspire you to discover new ways to adore yourself!

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