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Rio Popular Music - Samba

by Valeria Cole |

"Samba" doesn't have a translation in Enlgish, but I don't think it is necessary to translate, as the world has mostly already heard about Samba. However, in case you are not sure, Samba is the most traditional music style of Brazil, specifically from Rio. 

Originally from African influence, samba got its own style in Rio, and we can say now that the Wonderful City created the urban or "street" samba. It is exemplified by the carnival samba schools or the street sambas that we enjoy all year long in the best spots of Rio.

If you are looking for this exclusive experience, you should try to go to the favorite samba spot of Cariocas - at Rio Historical Center on Ouvidor Street. The event happens one Saturday per month - so you can imagine how we wait anxiously for this day -  always in the afternoon around 4pm. The place is perfect to listen to good music, but also simply for the appreciation of the surrounding historic buildings.

Another hot tip for samba lovers is to experience the samba from Pedra do Sal (Stone of Salt). Also located in the Historical Center of Rio, the place was considered a historical and religious heritage site by Rio de Janeiro State Institute of Cultural Heritage (IPHAN) in 1984. The place carries this name because it was the place where ships coming from Europe used to discharge salt. Now, every Monday you can check the big circle full of percussion instruments and people singing the traditional samba songs and be sure to join the party with them! A very good samba circle brings with them a lot of people and the best snack/bar foods. If you are at Pedra do Sal, you can walk around and find the super carioca restaurant bar called Angu do Gomes where it's possible to try the old Rio delights. 

If you don't have a chance to catch one of these sambas above, you can find many other around Rio during the week. Samba is a part of our every day culture, and certainly our best routine!


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