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Skincare Superfoods: 5 Powerful Rainforest Essential Oils for Healthy Skin & Hair

by Valeria Cole |

You’ve heard of nutritional superfoods before, but now it’s time to focus on your skin. What are the most potent ingredients for healthy, glowing skin? 5 of the most powerful ingredients on earth can all be found in one place: the Amazon rainforest. These 5 Amazonian essential oils are hydrating, balancing, and nourishing for your skin and hair. Add them to your routine regularly to enjoy their many wellness benefits and to look and feel great.



1. Copaíba Oil

    What is it?

    Much like Maple, Copaíba oil is a resin extracted from the trunk of the Copaifera Reticulata tree. The substance itself (Copaíba) is known as one of the most anti-inflammatory substances on earth.


    What does it do?

    Copaíba oil soothes and heals blemish-prone skin. The calming nature of the oil makes it a go-to bath time ritual.


    How to Use it

    There are many uses for Copaíba oil in daily life. Here are some of our favorites:

      1. Apply directly to affected areas as a great treatment for redness and blemishes.
      2. Add Copaíba oil to your toner for use after cleansing to keep your skin clear of acne and blemishes.
      3. Add one or two drops of the oil to water, juice or tea to benefit from its positive effects on the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, and immune system.
      4. Add 2-5 drops to your body wash for a calming bath or shower.

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        2. Maracujá Oil

        What is it?

        More commonly known as passion fruit, Maracujá is a fruit containing highly nourishing elements, such as Vitamin C. The seeds are rich with oil (called Maracujá oil) that can be eaten or used topically for skin care.


        What does it do?

        Also known as the 101 of Skin Oils, Maracujá oil is suited for all skin types. It not only provides moisture and promotes radiant skin, but it does so while boosting collagen levels.


        How to Use it

        There are several ways to use Maracujá Oil effectively for hair and skin. We like these:

          1. Apply to your skin morning and evening for exceptional hydration & glow.
          2. Apply to sun-damaged skin to treat sunspots and other free-radical damage.
          3. Soothe achy and tired muscles by massaging Maracujá oil into the sore areas.
          4. Drop a little bit on your pillow to help combat insomnia.


        3. Buriti Oil

         What is it?

        Buriti oil comes from the fruit of an Amazonian palm tree. Natives have used buriti fruit for thousands of years to add moisture and shine to hair, fight aging and nourish and protect sun-exposed skin. It's richer in Pro Vitamin A (Beta Carotine) than any other fruits and veggies and has more anti-aging properties than argan oil.


        What does it do?

        Not only is Buriti oil a potent moisturizer that helps to increase skin elasticity, but it is also your perfect pre and post-sun care companion. It's the ideal combination of UV-protecting and anti-aging.


        How to Use it

        Buriti oil has a variety of applications for hair and skin care, such as:

          1. Add a couple of drops to your sunscreen to increase its absorbance and protection by 3x, while moisturizing and improving your skin’s elasticity. Apply post-sun exposure for anti-oxidant protection and water loss prevention.
          2. Apply directly to your skin morning and evening for anti-aging benefits.
          3. Massage into your scalp before shampooing for scalp health.


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        4. Pequi oil

        What is it?

        Pequi oil comes from the distillation of the fruit of the Pequi tree. Native to central Brazil and known as the nectar of God, Pequi has been used for nutritional, medicinal, and skincare purposes throughout history.


        What does it do?

        This Pro-Vitamin A and Omegas 3,6, 9-rich oil from Pequi seeds nourishes and conditions dry, damaged hair for frizz-free, lustrous curls.


        How to Use it

        There are a few enriching hair care treatments using Pequi oil:

          1. Add a few drops of 100% pure Pequi oil to your shampoo or conditioner for easy moisturization and treatment.
          2. Massage Pequi oil into your hair before shampoo & conditioner to maximize the results.
          3. Use it as a deep conditioning treatment to fight brittle or damaged hair and prevent and treat split ends.
          4. Massage a couple of drops all over your hair to reduce frizz and better define curls.


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          5. Behenic Acid-Rich Pracaxi

          What is it?

          Pracaxi oil is extracted from the seeds of the Pentaclethra macroloba tree, and it is used medicinally by indigenous Amazon populations. Pracaxi has one of the highest natural concentrations of behenic acid, which is a fatty acid that creates a protective barrier against pollution and environmental hazards for both skin and hair.


          What does it do?

          Pracaxi oil is a mature skin oil that reduced fine lines, dark spots and imperfections. It also reduces redness and softens scars.


          How to Use it

          There are several ways to use for both hair and skin:

            1. Apply daily to your skin in the morning and evening to moisturize, reduce fine lines and dark spots.
            2. Apply topically as a healing treatment for burns, scars & stretch marks.
            3. Use a few drops to detangle hair naturally.
            4. Add a few drops to shampoo and conditioner for brighter and stronger hair.


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          The Amazon rainforest has an abundance of ingredients that have been used for millennia for health and wellness. These ingredients also help to provide sustainable living for communities in the Amazon basin, ensuring the forest is worth more standing than cut. We are committed to continuing to bring the best of Brazil to your homes.


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