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Soccer Stadium - The Maracanã

by Valeria Cole |

Soccer is the number one sport in Brazil; and there are about 200 stadiums around the country. In the City of Rio, there are about 15 stadiums but one specifically is world famous - The Maracana. During the FIFA World Cup final game between Brazil and Uruguay in 1950, the stadium broke records as the world largest in capacity with 199,854 total audience. Currently, after renovations, the stadium seats 78,838 spectators. 

The Maracana belongs to Carioca culture, perfectly represented by the song of the singer Neguinho from Beija-Flor Samba School of Rio which says "On Sunday, I go to Maracana. I'll cheer for the team that I'm a fan...".

Going to the Stadium to watch a soccer game on Sundays is a tradition for us but it is also an interesting cultural program. Inside the Maracanã facilities there is a Soccer Museum, anyone can visit it accompanied by an expert guide who takes you back in time through this fabulous sport's history. 

The Maracanã has also been the stage for big concerts and events, so during the Rio Olympics 2016, the Stadium hosts the opening and the closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the soccer games for the Olympics - I can't wait for it!

I've taken some aerial photos of the majestic Maracanã Stadium during my helicopter flight with my Helicopter Pilot Luana Torres - it was breathtaking and I hope you enjoy! 

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