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Teadora's Gift Guide for Everyone!

by Valeria Cole |

Teadora's Gift Guide for Everyone!


The season of gifting is upon us - pamper your loved ones with eco-friendly gifts for healthy, glowing skin and hair + the feel-good benefit of helping to save and protect the Amazon rainforest. We have made it easy to shop for any of your loved ones with our gift guide!

Gifts for the Spa Lover

Gifts for Every Skin Type

Gifts to Give Her Glow


Customer Favorites Discovery Set

Perfect for anyone joining the clean beauty movement, this discovery set includes our Shampoo & Conditioner, Raw Maracujá Oil, Wild Açaí Canna Cream, Wild Superfood Butter, and a Kayapo Bag. We combined all of our customer favorites in a luxious gift set that will pamper your loved one from head to toe (plus a tribal designed makeup bag!).

Blemish Prone Skin

From treating skin problems to improving the health and natural beauty of your skin, Copaíba Essential Oil is a must have addition to the skincare routine of anyone who is prone to blemishes.

Wild Açaí Canna Cream

Glow up with Canna Cream. This super-powered moisturizer is youth-enhancing and is packed full of hydrating, balanced ingredients.

Shampoo, Conditioner, & Brazilian Glow Elixir Oil Set

Add shine to any hair type with our superfood shampoo and conditioner. Use the Superfruit Elixir Oil as a scalp treatment.

Mature Skin

Our Pracaxi Oil is rich in all the right fatty acids. Its natural healing properties help reduce stretch marks, treat dark spots, and heal fine lines and scarring for purely radiant, youthful skin.

Beauty Butter

Crafted with a powerful cocktail of 11 natural, high performance ingredients, this whole body moisturizer repairs your skin’s natural moisture barrier, improves firmness and reduces stretch marks, and helps heal cracked skin!

RAW Skincare Sets

The spa-lover will love a RAW gift set! Choose by skin type for your loved-one (sensitive skin, blemish-prone skin, or mature skin). Each set includes the Açaí Pulp Scrub, Kaolin Clay, and two oils.

Sensitive Skin

Known in Brazil as ”pure miracle” for its ability to remove oiliness and dry patches, Maracujá is rich in Vitamin C, it boosts collagen, providing deep moisture and brighter, more radiant skin!


Perfect for any skin type, this luxurious oil can be added to any skincare and makeup routine. Just add 2-3 drops onto cleansed skin and neck for glowing skin.

Gifts to Give Him Moisture

Gifts for the DYIer

Gifts for the Outdoor Adventurer

Wild Açaí Canna Cream 200mg Full Spectrum CBD

Our Canna Cream is the ultimate facial moisturizer! The powerful blend of Amazon superfruits with 200mg of Organic, Oregon grown CBD calms inflammation, heals damaged tissues, and enhances youth.

Raw Kaolin Clay Masks

Our 100% pure Brazilian Kaolin Clay matches your skin’s natural pH to actively restore your skin’s natural balance. Choose from: Red (Mature Skin), Green (Blemish-Prone Skin), and Rose (Sensitive Skin).

Pro-Vitamin A Buriti Oil

Buriti oil is abundant in ProVitamin A - beta carotene, as well as vitamin C. This nutrient powerhouse is nature’s most perfect pre and post sun care companion. Revered for soothing and protecting the body.

Vegan & Organic Exfoliating and Toning Bar Set

Use the toning bar daily to tone and hydrate the skin and the exfoliating bar 2 to 3 times a week to detox the skin with Clay and Açaí seeds!

Raw Açaí Pulp Scrub

Our gentle superfruit scrub gently exfoliates the most sensitive of skins, it smooths away bumps and dryness, protects against daily stress and damage, and infuses the skin with vitamins and antioxidants for a soft, luminous complexion.

Copaíba Essential Oil

This oil is perfect for traveling because it is so versatile! You can use it as a moisturizer, blemish spot treatment, or even ingest it for digestive relief.

Men’s Grooming Set

Help the man in your life keep his beard and hair mountain fresh and moisturized! Our rainforest superfruit ingredients will give your guy a healthy, lustrous hair and scalp, while prolonging the life of hair color and restoring damaged hair.

Raw DYI Set

We have put together the perfect sets from our Raw collection. 100% Pure, Eco-Cert Products, our Raw Skin Discovery sets come with 4 essential items that can be used individually to cleanse, detox, exfoliate, tone and moisturize or combined to make the most perfect DIY mask for blemish-prone, mature, or sensitive skin.

When in Rio

A shimmering cocktail with 11 Amazing Superfood Ingredients. Gives you the most amazing and natural all-over golden shimmer. Perfect for all the holiday and New Year Parties, Vacations or Year-Round Moisture and Glow. 

Don’t Forget the Stocking Stuffers!

When in Rio

Beard Oil

Kayapo Bag

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