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The Top 6 Benefits of Coffee to Skin

by Valeria Cole |

There are almost too many benefits of Coffee to count, but we tried for you! Here are our top 6 benefits coffee has on the skin.

1. Exfoliating

Many use coffee grounds to exfoliate the skin. Coffee is insoluble in water, which makes it a great base for a scrub applied topically on the skin. It is also very natural and safe to use on sensitive skin.

2. Reduces Inflammation

You may know of the stimulating effect coffee has when consumed internally. But when coffee is applied topically, it can have the opposite effect! Due to the antioxidants in coffee, the grounds can actually calm the skin and reduce inflammation.

3. Anti-Aging

The caffeine in coffee stimulates blood flow, which creates a natural tightening of the skin. This can create an anti-aging effect naturally.

4. Treats Acne

Not only does coffee have anti-inflammatory properties, but it also has antibacterial properties! This makes it a powerhouse in fighting acne and solving the collective issues blemishes bring.

5. Treats Under-Eye Problems

As mentioned, coffee stimulates blood-flow when applied topically. The grounds can dilate the blood vessels around the eyes and help combat dark undereye circles.

6. Minimizes Cellulite

Used as an exfoliant, coffee can decrease cellulite on the body. Because of its ability to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow, the scrub can tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Brazil has a huge tradition as a coffee growing nation, from its beloved cafézinho, a sweet espresso that is very popular in the country to its history of in-numerous coffee plantations growing some of the best coffee in the world, we also believe in the skin benefits of coffee.

We were psyched to partner with our fellow Portland based B-Corp, Nossa Familia™ Coffee to  create a coffee coffee scrub just for you! But this is not just your ordinary coffee scrub, first we use fresh coffee grounds that are roasted right here int heir Portland facility. What’s even more awesome is that these grounds would be traditionally discarded, but instead, we are using the awesome grounds to create the scrub delivering to our commitment to zero waste. The scrub also comes in a 100% biodegradable bag. We combined the high-quality, fresh roasted, Nossa Familia™ Coffee with Organic Coconut and Vitamin-C Rich Maracujá Oils, and instead of adding more abrasive exfoliants such as sugar or salt, we added our favorite, delicate and fine Açaí Pulp Powder, which aside from providing gentle exfoliation is also full of anti-oxidants for silky, firm, glowing skin. Get yours today, and start enjoying the many benefits of coffee!


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