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Why is it important to use natural, Fair Trade ingredients?

by Teadora |

At Teadora, we believe that natural ingredients offer high-quality nourishment to support the body.  

While wellness is at the heart of our mission to help you adore yourself, we recognize that the choices we make each day have an impact on the world around us. 

Check out this list to learn more about why we stand behind not just natural ingredients, but ethical sourcing for all of our products!

1) Natural Ingredients have unfettered healing powers.

Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep® database rates and evaluates the potential hazards and health concerns for cosmetics and personal care products. We run our offerings through a vigorous 4 step screening and include the research stored in the EWG database. This ensures that we are using beneficial ingredients to start with, which allows our single and dual-ingredient oils to do all the work without losing nutrients to heavy processing or chemical adulteration. Teadora products are evaluated on a regular basis to stay up to date with EWG’s research and the feedback we receive from customers.

2) Sustainable sourcing protects the environment.

Deforestation is a major issue for our planet and is one of the leading causes of climate change. An estimated 125-150 species become extinct on a daily basis. By supporting eco-friendly businesses that work closely with small harvesting communities, we can make sure there are fair and consistent practices that help these communities with long-lasting and sustainable relationships with the forest. 

3)Sustainable sourcing protects local people and communities.

Our high-quality Brazilian ingredients are sourced responsibly from women-led communities. Historically, women have been disenfranchised across the globe yet gender equity remains a pressing issue. In an effort to support Brazilian women, Teadora has worked to help create a Women’s Wellness Center for victims of human trafficking. Sustainable sourcing can also reduce transportation impact, keeping more money in local communities and ensuring the forest is worth more standing than cut.

4) Fair trade means that we celebrate and respect indigenous cultures.

Since the 1990s in Brazil alone, more than 100 indigenous tribes have disappeared along with generations worth of plant and medicinal knowledge. When indigenous tribes disappear we lose the stories, knowledge, and vibrant culture established over millennia. While it is well known that deforestation can force animal life out of the rainforest, indigenous tribes also face the same displacement.  Currently, we are working with the Rainforest Foundation US to preserve 350,000 acres of habitat for multiple endangered species, and plant more than 1 million trees in an area that is sacred to the Wapichan People.

5) It is good for the soul.

Knowing that you are part of the solution and taking action to support causes that you believe in lights up the pleasure centers of the brain. This turns your positive actions into rewarding brain chemicals like endorphins. Doing good means feeling good!

At Teadora, we are activists. We are actively focused on fighting climate change through preservation and restoration of the Amazon. Our goal is to replant 1 Million trees and preserve 75k acres of Amazon rainforest in the next 5 years. Through partnership with various organizations, local communities, and our customers we are one step closer to a more sustainable and conscious world.

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