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Why You Should Change Your Skin Care Routine Every Season!

Posted by Valeria Cole

Yes! It’s time to pack up your sandals and sundress and dig out your sweaters and boots! And just as you need to change your wardrobe you need to switch up your skin care routine to protect and moisturize against the environmental changes which impact the way our skin behaves.

In the fall/winter season, the air turns drier and this affects our skin. We are prone to more dryness and flakiness so you need to start using richer, high-performance moisturizers that provide deep hydration and long-lasting moisture.

We all have our basic 3-step skin care system but that might not be enough with the changing season. Using products from one skincare line helps ensure that you don’t overuse specific ingredients and they make your skin happier!


Makeup artist and YouTube Beauty Blogger Michelle Phan explains that weather can certainly have effects on skin, particularly its ability to contain moisture. That basically means that if you find your skin to be drying out more than usual in the summer or winter, it could be because you’re in need of cleanser that will be a little gentler on your skin.

Additionally, Phan mentions a couple other reasons that might attribute to a need for a skincare switch-up, such as aging, as well as traveling. She explains that if you’re planning to travel to a populated city, like New York, there’s a chance that the city’s pollution can have an impact on skin’s appearance. As for aging, hormonal changes tend to be the likely culprit of skincare woes.


Here are the best tips for your fall/winter skincare routine.


Step 1 – Cleanse

Using a sulfate-free cleanser is very important as the temperature lowers and there is less humidity in the air and it can make your skin dry out more quickly. Try the Brazilian Glow Ultra Silky Cleanser for gentle cleansing, protection, and hydration. It is crafted with our RainforestYouth Elixir ™ - a proprietary superfruit blend of Açaí, Buriti, Cupuaçu. These superfruits are rich in free-radical fighting antioxidants, vitamins and oleic and fatty-acids to provide intense moisture and softness while cleaning and revitalizing your skin. It includes Buriti is an amazingly powerful ingredient. It contains the highest concentration of natural vitamin A among fruits and vegetables. It is also rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and antioxidants and has been used for generations as a natural UV ray protectant. It’s amazing anti-inflammatory properties also help to promote skin healing. Twice a week use a gentle exfoliating mud to help remove dead skin, minimize ingrown hairs, tone and brighten your skin. Made with Amazonian White Clay—known as nature's most perfect beauty ingredient that can help to reduce dry patches and remove oil simultaneously for a flawless look. Açaí seeds provide micro bead free exfoliation to leave your skin brighter, healthier and incredibly smooth. Perfect for sensitive skin. 


Step 2 – Serum

Adding serum to your skincare routine provides deeper hydration which is what you need in the colder seasons, but all year long is even better! The high-performance combination of natural and organic exotic oils from the Amazon Rainforest in our Brazilian Glow Radiance and Renewal Oil restores and relaxes the skin, so it feels toned and smooth. It provides intense moisture, to the skin, for long term prevention of flakiness and younger-looking, more supple skin. It protects your skin against free radical damage, provides deep hydration, firms, smooths and repairs elasticity for radiant, healthier, smoother, younger-looking skin. Use it at night as an under-eye serum, and as a makeup primer in the morning for glowing skin all day long. It’s a multi-tasking oil and you can use it as make-up remover too if you don’t like water on your face! Great as a hair treatment put a few drops on the end of your hair before washing for a soft, silky texture. It includes Argan Plant Stem Cells, we use stem cells from the Argan tree to help rejuvenate your skin's middle layer, where wrinkles start. It is known to protect dermal stem cells reduce the appearance of wrinkles, •tighten and tone skin tissue and increases skin firmness and density.


Step 3 – Moisturize

It goes without saying that we need more moisture in the colder seasons and using a richer, thicker cream will help keep your skin hydrated longer. The Brazilian Glow Beauty Butter for Face & Body is an excellent day and night cream with natural anti-aging properties from superfruits and Argan plant stem cells, which moisturize down to your skin's middle layer, where wrinkles start. Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and keeps skin smooth with long-lasting moisture and hydration reviving your natural skin glow. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids and helps improve elasticity and firmness. Nourishes extremely dry, flaky or cracked skin. Our proprietary RainforestRestoration™ Elixir. is formulated with 8 amazing superfruit oils and butter extracts: Açaí, Andiroba, Babassu, Brazil Nut, Buriti, Guaraná, Murumuru, and Cupuaçu - which clinical studies show to be two times more moisturizing than Shea Butter.


Step 4 – Hydration Boost

OK, so this is not really a "step 4"-  it is more of a “super step” that you can use on-the-go as you transition from morning to daytime and to evening. It’s a powerful moisture boost that can save your skin and give you that youthful dewy look in the dry times ahead. Anti-Pollution Facial Mist is crafted with natural and organic 100% pure hyaluronic acid serum formula. Proven anti-aging skincare properties fill-in and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. See a noticeable difference with visibly plumper, softer and smoother skin with this anti-aging hyaluronic acid serum. Use as an active primer on bare skin and throughout the day to set and revive makeup, without streaking or disturbing Facial-on-the-go, carry this in your purse or pocket for that Hollywood glamour skin this party season. Protects and refreshes, instant illumination and glow, for luminous dewy skin. It includes, marine plankton, Aquasense™ and other actives in YouthSpark ™ diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles fine lines, provides dermal level hydration.

Teadora products are all completely vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably and ethically harvested from the Amazon Rainforest and made in the USA.

Wishing you a happy and hydrated season! To make it easy and get significant savings we put together these Beauty Routine Discovery Sets for you. Enjoy!


Love yourself, find your joy, and share your passion.







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  • olivia cote: November 20, 2017

    Thank You Valeria for guiding such beautifully that how necessary it is to change the routine of skin care. I have been using some products for my oily skin and has helped me a lot to reduce the oil. You can shop them from

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