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Random Acts of Lipstick

by Teadora Press |

One brand, Teadora, found a way to not only bottle straight-from-the-Amazon formulations, but also do it in a way that helps sustain the forest, among other give-back initiatives. Each product, aptly named with tropical monikers like “Rainforest at Dusk” and “Brazilian Glow,” includes a personal note on the package asking the recipient to “help us rain down the good.” You see, the brand has committed part of their profits to a philanthropic exchange between the US and Brazil to support education, leadership development, health and rainforest conservation.

But it’s not just the feel-good component that delivers. I was an instant convert after trying the line. Each product, scented with aromatherapeutic essences, does its job on the surface to cleanse, hydrated and more. It also delivers a sensorial experience that I can only described as listening to the sounds of the rainforest while kicking my feet up at a spa.

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