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12 Best Social Impact Skincare Brands Gen Z Actually Loves

by Teadora Press |

The youngest beauty brand consumers today are members of what has been referred to as Generation Z. These are teenagers and early twenty-somethings that want to put their stamp on this world. This is a group of young people that yearn to make a difference in society. They are aware of today’s social issues and never hesitate to take a stand. As such, they expect the same from the companies that they choose to do business with.

These young humanitarians demand that companies add value to products and services by showing a commitment to those affected by contemporary social issues. These everyday philanthropists then return this support by purchasing the business's merchandise.

As a matter of fact, of young people between the ages of 13 and 25, over three-quarters of those asked in a recent survey state that they purchase and/or use particular products based on the brands values alone. 40% of those questioned say they do this habitually.

Other studies have shown that brands that have proven to customers that they have a positive impact on society are likely to grow twice as fast as other companies that do not contribute to hot-button causes. After all, shared values between consumers and businesses build long-term brand loyalty. Common purpose between brand and buyer forms a bond that cannot be broken for the temporary allure of a popular new product or one that sells at a lower price point.

Here are some beauty brands that earned the trust of younger generations by being both effective and socially responsible:

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