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Pastel eyes and lips is a trend that comes and goes throughout the years. This season, it's back in full force, and beauty brands are promoting all the baby blue and blush pink possible. To add a little healthy pastel into your life, follow this all natural makeup tutorial.

First, start with freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin. Teadora Nourishing Exfoliating Bar creates a rich lather when activated with water and detoxifies the skin without leaving that "tight" feeling other cleansing bars typically do. This organic cleanser smells like a mix of rainy day and citrus -- it's a truly unique scent that awakens even the most tired of senses (take it from me, I am a sleep-deprived new momma!) Also, it's made with clay and Açaí seeds for exfoliation that's gentle and safe enough for everyday use. If you've never cleansed with a soap bar before, try this one from Teadora. It's an all-around great product and place to start.

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