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This Valentine’s Day, take a trip for 2 to a Brazilian Amazon Rainforest spa… without leaving home. The Teadora Rainforest Spa Love Ritual Trio is a luxurious and romantic way to treat you and your loved one with products that utilize exotic, powerful, performance-proven ingredients that nourish, heal, and protect your body the way Mother Earth intended.

This luscious trio includes an 8oz Nourishing Body Butter, 2oz Nourishing Bath and Body Oil infused with Teadora’s exclusive Rainforest Restoration Elixir + Argan Plant Stem Cells, Plus a 6 oz Nourishing Body Polish, which is infused with Teadora’s Rainforest Hydration Elixir + Açaí Seeds and Amazonian White Clay. As an added Valentine’s bonus, the trio also includes: a Kayapo Tribe Designed Makeup Bag that perfectly houses your trio and 2 travel size bars – a Toning  Beauty Bar with Coffee Butter and Patauá oil and Exfoliating Bar with Açaí seeds and Amazonian Clay (3 gifts valued at $45). Turn up the passion and experience a total immersion of your senses with Teadora.

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