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Teadora is proud to announce its product will be available on Gloss48 as of today, January 9, 2015!

As you know, Teadora, which means Adores You in Portuguese, recently launched a line of eco-friendly bath and body products focused on sustainably harvested, performance-proven, Brazilian rainforest ingredients. The company has formulated these exotic ingredients together with other powerful botanicals to create a set of proprietary Elixirs: Rainforest Youth Elixir, Rainforest Hydration Elixir and Rainforest Restoration Elixir.

“As a company focused on innovative natural ingredient offerings, we are delighted to partner with Gloss48, an innovative online beauty channel that strives to offer the best in indie beauty discovery.  Given the novelty of most of our ingredients to the American consumer, Gloss48 is a great outlet to drive education and awareness,” says Valeria Cole, Founder of Teadora.

Check out full article here.


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