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Belle Face

by Teadora Press |

Aromatherapy freaks rejoice! I’ve been introduced to a line of body-care products, created by a former employee of Steve Jobs, that reminds me of the best parts of visiting rainforests – the indescribable freshness.

This delicious brand comes in two flavours: Rainforest at Dusk and Rainforest at Dawn.

Can’t live without my Nourishing Lip Butter. I have one in the bathroom as part of my nightly beauty routine, and one hanging out in my bag. It’s really difficult not to eat them as they are incredibly delicious and not at all overwhelming on the smell front.

I go through the Nourishing Body Polish so quickly I have to order several at a time. The exfoliation is super gentle, yet effective. My skin feels like butter. My nose is invigorated. This stuff is perfect for prepping your skin for razor contact and taking off dead skin every few days.

That Nourishing Shampoo (and Conditioner) is incredibly gentle, which means it won’t weigh your hair down nor strip you of beautiful colour.

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