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Teadora Rainforest at Dusk and Rainforest at Dawn Collection: I am really enjoying my exploration of the Teadora line of products: body cleansers, body oil, body butter, shampoo, lip butter, and body cream). These earthy and natural products are just a treat to use. The line uses raw and natural ingredients from sustainable sources. I really like the clean and somewhat unisex tea-tree type scent of the Rainforest at Dawn Collection. My husband really likes using these products too (yes, he does tend to steal my shower products and mentions the ones he likes in particular, like this line!). Rainforest at Dawn is vibrant & woodsy—yet floral—it awakens your senses and readies you for the day ahead. Rainforest at Dusk is flowery & smooth—with a hint of fruit—it soothes and revitalizes your senses after a long day.

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