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Notes from My Dressing Table

by Teadora Press |

Opening the box is a treat. First of all, every exterior surface is a font of useful information about the product you are about to experience. Do you remember the old Celestial Seasonings herbal tea boxes? Sitting and sipping their tea and spending how long? Exploring that box and discovering delicious tidbits and words of wisdom on the top, sides, bottom and flaps. This packaging is like that! And I was delighted. Once I got it open, the fun didn't end. As I opened the flap, there was a tiny, round flip book on top of the jar full of information on the key ingredients in this lip butter and a little bit of information on Teadora's philanthropy and their commitment to "Rain Down the Good."

Pluck the jar from it's secure box nest and open the lid to a warm, golden cake of softly cocoa and berry scented lip butter. The lip butter is fairly hard, you can get it out of the jar in a couple of different ways, depending on how you would like to use it.

To lightly exfoliate as you moisturize, scrape up a little of the product with the front of your fingernail then apply and lightly but firmly rub the product in, letting the naturally grainy quality of the butters and wax gently buff away uneven texture and dry skin cells then enjoy the nourishing, softening properties of the oils and butters softening your lips.

You can also apply as I prefer to do. Set a clean finger pad directly down on the surface of the lip butter and allow the warmth of your skin to melt the product then swirl up the liquefied goodness, apply and allow the oils and butters to soften and pamper your pout.

However you apply this lip butter, the beautiful, natural ingredients will make your lips feel wonderfully soft, smooth and cared for. The delicious chocolate berry scent and the lightly naturally sweet taste will keep you coming back for more and more………

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