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Teadora’s Rainforest at Dusk Lip Butter in the flavor “Açaí-Açu” is a fantastic lip butter that leaves lips revitalized, healed and ultra soft! This lip butter provides antioxidant and vitamin benefits to your lips, and also has a dual-action purpose, in that this butter exfoliates the lips, but also hydrates them immensely. The scent (coming from all-natural essential oils) and flavor (also natural) are truly delectable. I could seriously eat this stuff! And I would probably be fine if I did, since the ingredients are simply a marvelous concoction of organic butters, oils and waxes.

The texture of this lip butter, as with most natural lip butter products, feels a bit solid to the touch, but will gently melt under your fingertip and allow you to scoop a tiny amount to apply to the lips. A little bit goes a long way because this stuff melts a bit and allows for easy spreading. The texture is also a bit grainy, which is what gives the lip butter the exfoliating properties, and helps remove any excess dry skin from the lips. If I put this lip butter on before bed, my lips are perfectly smooth in the morning when I wake up!

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