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I can’t seem to get enough of Teadora products! I found their lip butter to be delectable, and their shampoo and conditioner to be an amazing sensory experience; now, I just love Teadora’s Rainforest at Dusk Nourishing Bath & Body Oil. Like its title suggests, this product is meant to either be applied directly onto skin for some great hydration – or it can be dispersed (a few drops) into a nice bath.

This is a dry oil – one that absorbs into the skin immediately, and is thus a very convenient “oil” option, since oftentimes body oils can take a while to absorb. The body oil leaves a lovely, healthy sheen to the skin and protects the skin from getting dry. The scent is wonderful – earthy, grassy, musky – but not at all strong, making it a great choice for fragrance-sensitive individuals.

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