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by Teadora Press |

Teadora’s "Rainforest at Dusk" Nourishing Body Cream is really more of a body milk, in my opinion. It’s considerably lighter in texture than Teadora’s Body Butter (also a must-try!). This body cream is very fast-absorbing and super hydrating, especially in Southern California’s dry climate, where I live. The cream also leaves the skin with a satiny feel for the whole day (or night!), and it works wonderfully after shaving too! Now, as with all previous mentions of Teadora’s products, I have to once again mention the incredible scent of this body cream! This natural beauty brand is inspired by Brazilian ingredients, and, more specifically, by the Brazilian rainforest! The all-natural scent, appropriately called “Rainforest at Dusk”, has notes of earthiness, slight grassiness, and tropical plants. Smelling it, truly reminds me of the rainforest, but it’s also a gentle scent that is not at all overpowering, and a wonderful choice for those sensitive to strongly scented products.

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