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Teadora Illuminance Dual Function Scrub Treatment is a no-nonsense body scrub by one of my favorite natural beauty brands! Teadora just doesn’t seem capable of disappointing – every single one of their products that I have tried has been exceptional. I say this scrub treatment is “no-nonsense” because the scrub power is really amazing – without scratching the skin, it provides an incredible micro-massage on the skin’s surface, through the organic Brazilian sea salt and other biodegradable “scrubbers” in the ingredients. The other natural oils and extracts in the ingredients nourish and sooth skin. There is even coffee and caffeine extract in this scrub, which are known to boost skin's elasticity.

This scrub leaves skin smooth, rejuvenated and revitalized. The scent is invigorating as well, with notes of ginger, lemon, flowers and earthiness. This is definitely the most effective and luxurious spa-quality body scrub that I have ever used.

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