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Knowing where our products come from, whether it’s food, clothing, or beauty products, is incredibly important. We need to not only know what we are putting onto and into our bodies, but also where it is coming from. Every single time you purchase a product, you are supporting an industry. And it takes a little investigation to make sure it is the right one!

Luckily, we have Valeria Cole, founder and CEO of Teadora to let you know what is going on behind the brand. Read on!

Hi Val, let’s jump in! How did you get started with Teadora?

Growing up I had an absolute passion for natural beauty and health products, my mother was fanatic about naturopathic health and beauty. She also taught me about the awesome wonder of the Amazon rainforest and how much it was our duty to protect this world treasure.

In Brazil, cosmetic companies started to take advantage of sustainably harvested Amazon superfruit ingredients that had been used by indigenous tribes for generations to protect skin and hair– and I fell in love with these products.


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