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Fruity2 Beauty

by Teadora Press |

This gorgeous luxurious shampoo and conditioner have become my ultimate favorite duo in an instant!

It took just one, ONLY ONE EXPERIENCE

to fall in love completely.

The scents are incredible and very earthy. They are deliciously passionate, naturally lovely, and truly rainforest fresh.
And I know this may sound a little over the top for some but,
it was so easy to lose myself into a state of relaxation simply because of the phenomenal scent!
 My mind and senses were swiftly adrift into the wanderlust of these rare enchanting scents! It was easy to imagine myself bathing in a blue lagoon in paradise! Birds singing, jungle sounds, water flowing and everything!
LOL I laugh, but it is soooo true!
 As you can tell it just filled my senses to the top!

Yes! It is "that good"!

I love it when I find such a decedent treasure such as these with seriously powerful and wondrous pure fragrance that is naturally derived from the earth. 

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