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As a blogger, I receive a lot of requests from companies that want to collaborate with me. Unfortunately for them, I'm am not a billboard where you can put all your ads on. I am picky when it comes to collaborations, so my readers won't get exposed to things I don't like myself. It wouldn't make any sense if I did. When Pearlesque box asked me if they could send me over their December box I didn't say yes immediately. After I had done my research I thought this would be an interesting project. The december box included products from the brand Teadora. First of all, their natural and organic products are made with novel rainforest ingredients. My skin is very sensitive so I always look for natural products. Otherwise I get pimples and my skin gets very dry. Luckily for me Teadora is. Besides that they try to help the Brazilian suppliers with fair prices. My feelings about the product are positive. After a few weeks I noticed that my skin got very soft and after shaving my legs I noticed that it didn't get itchy like it always does.... That is amazing right? You guys should try out the December box from Pearlesque. Xxxx

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