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American Spa - Indie Beauty

by Teadora Press |

Independent Touch

Go behind the scenes of these spa and indie beauty brand partnerships to discover what makes them tick.



Teadora, a vegan skincare line made up of natural ingredients from the rainforest, only just recently began partnering with spas this past year. According to founder and CEO Valeria Cole, one of the spas the company began working with is V Facial (Seattle), which is owned by Vera Baixeras. “She is a holistic esthetician who does a tremendous job in bringing to life one of our main protocols: The Mini-Brazilian Facial, a superfruit and Brazilian-clay infused treatment,” says Cole.

What are some of the unique ways in which you work with spas?
“We work very closely with our spa partners to support their unique and exclusive needs and to help create protocols that make sense to them. We offer backbar-sized products or even raw ingredients that will help to better tell the story when providing the service. For V Facial, we incorporated Raw Amazonian White Clay that we provide to them in bulk as part of their treatment. The customer can then apply that same treatment at home by buying our finished product, Brightening and Exfoliating Mud. We have helped to market the spa through our social media channels by featuring them at our press and consumer events, and even at our pop-up store.” -Valeria Cole, founder and CEO, Teadora

Why has the partnership with Teadora been so effective?
“Teadora is easy to work with in every way possible. I have been able to place orders that fit the size of my business, they are always quick with responses about ingredients, and they provide their own suggested protocols to start with that I can modify to meet the needs of my clients. I can also trust that they are vegan, cruelty-free, and they have a great story that resonates with ecoconscious consumers, which represent most of my client base.” -Vera Baixeras, owner, V Facial

American Spa - Indie Beauty - Teadora Event

What are other benefits of collaborating with spas?
“A huge benefit of working with spas is how compelling of an ingredient story the estheticians can tell and all the education they can give consumers in relationship to the ingredients. In turn, their feedback to us has helped us come up with new product ideas, such as the one we will be launching later this year, Teadora Raw, DIY masks consumers can make and customize at home utilizing our precious rainforest ingredients.” -Cole

What are some of the benefits of working with an indie brand, such as Teadora?
“As a fellow Brazilian, I know how powerful these Amazonian superfruits are. Valeria Cole and I worked together to create the Express V Facial. I feel as though I have an influence on the products based on the results I see along with direct feedback from my clients. Teadora also supports me with both small retail quantities and backbar sizes, if needed, and even by providing individual ingredients to further customize the treatments. I never feel as if I am just another seller to them. I have been invited to be part of press/blogger and popup store events with Valeria, which I found to be a great opportunity to showcase and grow my business, another reason I find it compelling to work with indie brands like Teadora.” -Baixeras

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