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KING 5 Evening

by Teadora Press |

Brazilian beauty products that will help save the Amazon


SEATTLE - “Teadora is a story of love,” Teadora founder Valeria Cole said. “A love that my mother instilled in me for rain forest conservation and for the bounty of the rain forest.”

A native Brazilian, Cole says her line of eco-chic, anti-aging beauty products are made with secret recipes of super fruits and other ingredients that can only be found in the Amazon rain forest.

“One of the main ingredients we use is called cupuaçu, which comes from the chocolate family,” Cole said. “It’s an ingredient that is clinically proven to be 400 percent more moisturizing than shea butter, and it’s also very sustainably harvested. It's a big fruit so it's easy to pick up from the ground versus having to farm it.”

Cole is comfortable talking about Brazilian beauty secrets and the importance of saving the rain forest, but this former Apple executive says entering the crowded beauty market was something new to her.

“I was lucky enough to have some mentors that came from the industry,” Cole said. “I think that's key to anybody starting is to make sure you surround yourself with people who really know what they're doing if you happen to be coming from a completely different world.”

Teadora means "adore yourself" in Portuguese. Every product helps tell the story of the rain forest and every purchase helps protect it.

“One percent of our sales are dedicated to our goal of replanting a million trees and preserving 75,000 acres of rain forest which is actually equivalent to 88 Central Parks, and I'm very excited about that, ” Cole said.

“The first thing I love about is the smell,” customer Nancy Bos said. “It just makes me feel great every time I smell that smell, and the social consciousness of the product, that's fantastic.”

Teadora: preserving beauty for individuals and a natural treasure for the world

“I think wherever my mom is in heaven she's super excited to hear this,” Cole said.

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