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Our Holiday Wish List: Easier Menopause, Healthier Future!

by Teadora Press |


05, Dec 2018

Forget “raindrops on roses” (although we’re fairly gung-ho on whiskered kittens), our “favorite things” for this holiday season is a serious don’t-miss list.

We want to help you be as healthy and happy as possible through the menopause transition and beyond, so all our choices reflect our commitment to your well-being. This list has been carefully vetted to be sure you’re getting the best (or giving the best, or giving and keeping one of the best for yourself, we don’t judge).

We don’t receive any compensation for including these products and organizations on our list. We just really like them and want to share. 


Skincare from Teadora

This company makes our list every year because not only are their products rich, luxurious, and effective, Teadora is completely committed to creating sustainable products. Their high-quality, fair-trade ingredients are organic, natural, and responsibly sourced. We love the Brazilian Copaíba Superfruit Oil because its healing properties are great for mature skin. And it’s 100 percent fragrance-free, meaning the spicy, woodsy smell is totally natural to the plant the oil comes from.



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