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Product Review Hero

by Teadora Press |

Teadora Beauty: The Complete Review

Teadora Beauty Review

There are a lot of companies out there today that make beauty products. There are even a lot of companies that make really good beauty products. But there aren’t a lot of companies that make truly unique beauty products, and that’s why we have chosen to write about Teadora.


If you are familiar with Product Review Hero, you know we don’t write reviews about just any company. They have to meet our standards for product quality, ethics, and novelty (meaning they have to be new, innovative, or exciting for some reason). Teadora meets all of these qualifications.


Not only does Teadora craft their products from Rainforest Superfruit Botanicals, they do it in an ethical and sustainable way, and they are big supporters of rainforest conservation, which is something that is important to us here at PRH as well. As a matter of fact, Teadora’s founder grew up in the Amazon Rainforest.


Let’s dive in, and by the time we are done, I’m sure you will love this company just as much as we do.

Read the rest of the review on their website!

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