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Super Natural Cure for Dry Skin

By Janet Luhrs

Don’t you hate it when your skin is dry?

I know it helps to drink more water, eat more veggies and stay away from dehydrating stuff like caffeine – but all of those things only help so much.

I still have dry skin.

So I’m always in search of skin products that help make my skin feel more juicy and hydrated. I’ve even asked dermatologists if taking supplements like fish oil can help, but the answer has been that there really isn’t any hard science to back that claim. They tell me it can’t hurt and might help.

“Might help” is not the answer I’m looking for.

When I was asked to try a new beauty butter that’s made with really good, 100% natural ingredients, I jumped at the chance. Sure, there are loads of skin creams to choose from, but have you ever looked at the ingredients of some of the stuff you’re putting on? When you think about it – our skin is our largest organ, comprising of 18 square feet, so everything you put on your skin enters your bloodstream. The more pure ingredients we can put on our skin, the better.

I tried a product from Teadora Beauty called Brazilian Glow Beauty Butter. The only ingredients in this butter are Cupuaçu and Murumuru Butters plus Açaí, Buriti, Babassu, Brazil Nut oils and Argan Plant Stem Cells.

I’m liking this list.

But can these ingredients work?

Yes. In fact, it feels really good. When I put on the butter, my skin does feel smoother and less dry. It doesn’t change my skin over time – but regular use keeps it hydrated and feeling good. Plus, it’s not at all greasy. It feels really good on my skin and has a very faint citrusy smell which is all I want. I compared it to a traditional cream with loads of ingredients that I can’t pronounce, and I will say that I like the Teadora butter better. It has a lighter feel, and it provides a smoother finish.

Here’s how to use it for best results:
  • Pat your skin dry after your shower and massage evenly all over your face and body. It’s a great alternative to your facial moisturizer.
  • Apply as needed throughout the day to nourish extremely dry, flaky or cracked skin.
  • Later during the day, massage once or twice onto hands and exposed areas of arms and legs.
  • Apply more generously to very dry areas, such as elbows, knees and heels, before bed and use it as an intensive night moisturizer for your face after cleansing.

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