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Stacy Cox

by Teadora Press |

Green Your Beauty Routine & Celebrate Earth Day 2018!

Earth Day 2018... An Eco-Friendly Beauty Guide

From bikini waxes to chemical peels… sometimes we’re willing to suffer for beauty BUT this doesn’t mean the earth should too. To celebrate Earth Day, coming up Sunday, April 22… I researched 6 eco-friendly brands who’s focus is to help us look great and simultaneously reduce our impact on the environment!

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION: Stacy, what’s the first step I should take to green my beauty routine at home?

MY ANSWER: Find products packaged and bottled in recycled materials… it’s an easy first step. The symbol is usually right on the box, because companies want the bragging rights.


HAILS FROM: Originally Brazil CURRENTLY: Bellevue, Washington
PRODUCTS MADE: Right here in California SHOP:  PRICE: $64

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Toxin-Free & Synthetic fragrance free

Crafted with exotic, organic superfood ingredients, sustainably harvested from the Amazon rainforest
Their focus is to fight climate change, so for every purchase they replant trees and preserve acres in the Amazon rainforest with a mission to replant 1 Million trees and preserve 75k acres. Boom!
PROMO: Go to and use “KTLAMIST” to get the MIST FREE with the purchase of the Oil & Scrub Set for $64. The $38 Facial Mist & Shipping are completely FREE!!!! NOW THRU MONDAY 4/23/2018

THEIR JOB: Exfoliate, Hydrate, Moisturize for Glowing Summer Skin + Good for Earth!

- Rejuvenating Red Clay Masque + Scrub: This is not your ordinary scrub: aside from the amazing superfood oils & extracts, it has organic salt and it multi-tasks as a mask because it also has this incredible Brazilian red clay. The clinicals show 172% improvement and 34% improvement in firmness, so instead of just scrubbing it off, leave it on for up to 10 minutes to get its full benefits.

- Radiance & Renewal Oil: Multi-tasking for skin, hair and nails with 5 superfruit oils + argan plant stem cells, it has up to 10 different uses and counting: the ultimate moisturizer, anti-aging serum, face and body moisturizer, massage oil, bath oil, shower oil, hair oil, you name it….oh and for the bonus round guys, it’s NOT going to clog pores given the high fatty acid content of the superfruits. On top of that the anti-inflammatory properties of the superfruits are a sensitive skin’s best friend. I use this oil EVERYDAY! I’M OBSESSED BECAUSE IT’S CURING MY CHRONIC DRY SKIN.

- Anti-Pollution Facial Mist: hydration and protection is an important step on any glowing skin routine. This is a super powered mist, jam packed with 12 different active ingredients, 5 superfruits + hyaluronic acid, marine, plankton and an instant illuminator to give you a glow boost. the easiest way to describe it is a facial on-the-go!

This $38 Dollar Facial-On-The-Go Mist IS FREE With The Purchase Of The Revitalizing Scrub & Radiance & Renewal Oil. Code Is: KTLAMIST (Free Shipping)

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