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The Best Natural, Eco-Friendly Shampoos and Conditioners for Dry Scalp

by Teadora Press |

Cullen Schwarz for Done Good

How to keep your shampoo and conditioner from stripping away your hair’s natural oils.

Most people have become more conscious of whether the food we’re putting in our bodies is healthy and natural, or if it was processed in a factory with tons of synthetic ingredients. But what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them.  

We’re literally bathing in the shampoos and conditioners we choose. And there’s a growing concern about the potential negative effects of the many chemicals major cosmetics companies have been soaking us in. So, it's no wonder that people are searching for the best natural shampoo for a dry scalp.

What’s in Traditional Shampoos and Conditioners

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: The science is still coming in over just how harmful many common hair product chemicals are. Enough worry has been raised that many people are now choosing to avoid products that contain sulfates, parabens, and triclosans over concerns they can disrupt hormone function and carry carcinogens.

Some have expressed concern (although this isn’t proven yet) that various chemicals could even lead to increased risk of cancer, immune system degradation, and other health risks. Another thing to note: any time you see “fragrance” on the ingredients list, know that word is exempt from FDA ingredient-listing rules, so it can be used for any thousands of various chemicals.

Ironically, these chemical cocktails were designed to strip away dirt and oil—but they do such a good job they also strip away our hair and scalp’s natural oils, leaving our hair less shiny, less moisturized, and less soft, and giving us dry, itchy scalps. Yikes. So as it turns out, the products designed to be the best shampoos for dry damaged hair can actually just make the issue worse.

So, how can we make sure the stuff we’re lathering on top of our heads is as healthy and natural as the food we’re putting into the hole in the front of our heads? Well, one way is to make our own shampoo. From concoctions like baking soda and vinegar to coconut milk, there is no shortage of resource for creating DIY all-natural shampoo. 

And for the rest of us?

For those who’d rather pick up (expertly-made) toxin-free, eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners, here are three brands that will leave your hair not only looking better, but feeling a lo

Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner From the Brazilian Amazon

Teadora shampoos and conditioners are made from extracts from three Amazon Rainforest fruits: Buriti, Açaí, and Cupuaçu– the best possible ingredients for a mild yet effective shampoo for dry scalp. They’re intensely moisturizing and are chock full of vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids and anti-oxidants (your mom said to eat your fruit to get your vitamins… it’s good to rub it on yourself too).  Prevention Magazine awarded it as the "Best Natural Conditioner" on the market. The best moisturizing shampoos and conditioners come from natural ingredients, not chemical cocktails.

Teadora ingredients are grown utilizing sustainable agriculture practices and purchases help fund anti-deforestation initiatives, including a partnership with The Rainforest Foundation U.S. and indigenous groups in Guyana and Brazil to protect biodiverse indigenous lands. Teadora is also Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified.

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